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  1. lIlI

    CeVIO Yuzuki Yukari Rei for CeVIO AI

    I realised we didn't have a thread for her yet: Yuzuki Yukari is recieving a singing voicebank for CeVIO AI: Announcement Voice provider: Chihiro Ishiguro Illustrator: Juu Ayakura Purchase links Release date: Jan 29, 2021 Purchase options: Package ver., DL ver. (editor set) Price...
  2. Heart-Eclipse-Dogma

    Heart Eclipse Dogma (English Translation plug)

    Hey guys, I made English subs for the best Yukaria song EVER, Heart Eclipse Dogma! Please check it out ;;w;; Warning: I don't know if this goes against community guidelines or anything, but the song has sexual themes. It's nothing explicit at all, but I still feel it's best to know about before...
  3. arz88

    City Lights feat. Yuzuki Yukari

    Hey guys! I've just released my very first song online featuring Yuzuki Yukari! You can check it out here: artuga.net Thank you! And if you like it, please share it^^ Arjan
  4. peaches2217

    (COVER) ERG ft. Matcha/Yukari - Cendrillon ~10th Anniversary~

    Okay, this is undoubtedly my favorite cover I've ever heard of this song, and this song being as old as it is, I've heard a lot.
  5. Daveybear_HTID

    Yuzuki Yukari "Colorful Pastel/カラフル・パステル" by Yokomin feat. Yuzuki Yukari

    As someone who loves both rock/metal and Yukari, Yokomin knows just how to deliver in those regards. Melodic, heavy, emotional. I love this guy's style. Subscribe to him if you haven't already~ Released: 5-Aug-2016
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  7. Miroxyde

    VOCALOID Yuzuki yukari Discord server

    hi i have just made a yuzuki yukari focused discord server since there wasnt one before and im trying to get it to grow so i was thinking i could share the link here and get people to join the server Join the Yuzuki Yukari Fanclub Discord Server! here is the invite for anyone that i interested
  8. YOYo_MAMA

    Vocamakets "Kagayake! Yukarin Star Festival" doujin event and drama short

    There was a doujin event for the Vocamaket banks last May 3 and 4. Yukari and Akari gets the most attention though but the other's with a talking voicebanks of AH-software makes an appearance. They also showed a fan-made drama video featuring many Voiceroids. It's a short story about newbie...
  9. Jupiter

    Yuzuki Yukari Fanclub ☆⌒(ゝ。∂)

    "She unites you all with her voice~" :yukari_lili: Welcome to the Yuzuki Yukari fanclub, where you can talk about her Jun, Onn, Rin and Voiceroid voicebanks! Yuzuki Yukari (結月ゆかり) is a Japanese VOCALOID developed by Vocalomakets and distributed by AH-Software Co. Ltd.. She was initially...
  10. Mei-Saime

    Yukari Lin wip

    I'm gonna draw me some VOCALOIDs to imrpove my style and Backgrounds so the first one I'm drawing is Yukari Lin. If you have any suggestions as to what VOCALOID you want me to draw next just leave a comment ^^