2020 Vocaloid Predictions


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Apr 8, 2018
It's that time of year again. 2019 is coming to a close, so what do you think we'll see in 2020?

1. PLEASE A NEW VOICEBANK. V5 is so dry. I'm actually expecting there to only be one voicebank released next year. Probably a JPN feminine voice.
2. Another company is going to announce they're not making vocaloids for V5. Maybe Zero-G?
3. Vocamerica comes to my city (i can hope)
4. Im thinking we might see bigger producers who mostly use miku leave vocaloid as they transition to the new piapro editor that the cryptonloids are moving to.


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Apr 11, 2018
2. Another company is going to announce they're not making vocaloids for V5. Maybe Zero-G?
Someone in the vocaloid wiki emailed ZG recently about the Sonika V5 rumor. They said they ARE working on vocaloids but it isn't sonika, they have no plans to update her.
4. Im thinking we might see bigger producers who mostly use miku leave vocaloid as they transition to the new piapro editor that the cryptonloids are moving to.
Part of me agrees, but part of me also thinks there are still a bunch who stuck with V2 and V3, so there will probably be some that stick with V4


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Apr 11, 2018
Oh also, judging by the announcement date, and Vsinger usually being slow with updates, Ling V5 will likely come late in the year.

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Apr 8, 2018
- Zero-G hints a new Vocaloid in Q1 but takes some time to release the said Vocaloid
No hint at a new Vocaloid this year whatsoever. :/

- VocaTone posts something on their Tumblr
It's pretty much the same as ZG, there's no new posts (anywhere) and no new Vocaloid hints.

- First Vocaloid to be updated is either Yanhe or Ling
iirc no updates happened this year?

- Another surprise release from Yamaha that no one expected however this time the surprise Vocaloid will be (maybe slightly?) more popular than the usual surprise releases
Also didn't happen.

- Yukari V5 being hinted near her birthday

- Just like in the V4 stream, another Yukari voicebank is hinted with nothing more than a simple silhouette featuring Yukari's new design. This turns out to be Yukari English

- Yukari V5 (and English) doesn't get released in 2019 however
Since AHS recently mentioned Voiceroid English, they might also be working on Vocaloid English as well. So Yukari English (both Voiceroid and Vocaloid) might be announced on her birthday, it's still not 22nd so it's unknown... But AHS also mentioned they do not have plans to update their V4 Vocaloids to the new engine... :unsure:

- SynthV gets more popular because a Male English voice gets released
Didn't happen this year but it might end up happening the next due to a new version of SynthV releasing.

- SynthV gets more popular because a Male English voice gets released (Copying this from last year since I have a feeling it might actually end up happening in 2020)

- V5 will be the same it was in 2019 with barely any voicebank releases but other Synths (mainly Cevio, SynthV and Voiceroid) will continue to flourish

- There might be an announcement of another Voiceroid that will be able to speak in both English and Japanese.
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Apr 8, 2018
For once, I have... no Vocaloid predictions. I'm not really pessimistic about it like a lot of others seem to be, maybe one or two new Vocaloids, but that'll probably be it. It'll probably be from Yamaha themselves.

Aside from that, Voiceroid domination. Zunko English's fundraiser will be a success and she'll release within the year, probably close to or on her birthday. The new male Voiceroid will also release in the year, whether that male ends up being Kiyoteru, Kou's older brother, or someone entirely new. Probably some more Voiceroid stuff too, including a purely English Voiceroid that isn't Zunko.

Also related, more companies will probably join in on the talking synth craze. Una's doing well, the Meikas are doing well, Flower will probably do well. I don't see it being another Vocaloid company specifically that will also make their own talking synth (I see people tend to use "Voiceroid" as a catch-all phrase for talking synths when really only AHS can use the term), so perhaps a new one altogether.


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Apr 11, 2018
Also related, more companies will probably join in on the talking synth craze. Una's doing well, the Meikas are doing well, Flower will probably do well. I don't see it being another Vocaloid company specifically that will also make their own talking synth (I see people tend to use "Voiceroid" as a catch-all phrase for talking synths when really only AHS can use the term), so perhaps a new one altogether.
To be fair, we notice the same effect with "Vocaloid" being used as a catch-all for singing synths (not so much here since we're super into it but yknow)
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Apr 9, 2018
Voiceroid: We will be very happy campers who get at least 2 English Voiceroids (Zunko and someone else), an English interface, and the mystery Japanese male. English Voiceroid culture will bloom and create many new memes.

CeVIO: They update their website and rebrand a bit in order to prep for release of new CeVIO, which won't come until the second half of the year. It will finally reveal the mystery Chinese female vocal along with at least 2 new voices, one of which is their new mascot.

Emvoice: They provide one update to add some features people were hoping for. Collectively three people are happy, the remaining fandom will scoff.

M. Morise's mystery synthesizer: Won't actually come out in 2020, because they can't just sell a synth with only one voice (Kiritan), it would be weird.

New Piapro: Crypton announces the prices and gives the free Miku Chinese update right at the last minute of 2019. Then we will have to wait all through January with no new teasers, because it would ruin Luka's anniversary. Therefore, we won't get actual teasers until February. When the software actually comes out, people will be confused by the complicated settings and the software won't be as awesome as we were left to imagine for the last 2ish years (on account of having only one official demo since March).

Synth V:
After enduring much waiting and much Kanru humble-bragging, we will be treated to the new Synth V at the second half of the year. However, there will be issues with purchasing it. Stardust/Zero English will come out, but we will be forced to continue to wait to find out about Quadimension's male vocal. We might find out about the Japanese company working with Kanru, but the new vocal will be kind of lame/cliche and people will be able to grumble more about Synth V not having it together.

Only one voice will come out, and it will be the update for Yanhe or Ling. Rest In Pieces, Vocaloid.

Voidol: They will provide one update randomly that no one will notice until a long time after the fact.


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Apr 9, 2018
Palembang, Indonesia
First, let's recap on my past predictions and checked if they come true or not.

The franchise, in terms of voicebank developments, will be so slow. There will be little amount to no brand new voicebanks, though Yamaha will be make us surprised again and again.
✅ True, but it's "little amount", not "no" wwwww, and Yamaha just keep being silent hahaha

Instead, there will be tons of voicebank updates, especially from Yamaha, CFM, AHS, and SHN.
❎ No update haha

CFM will make an update for Piapro Studio in response to V5.
🤔 Since they announced that they will developed their own engine and still under Piapro brand, it's kinda true, but I guess that won't happened this year.

Kagamine Chinese will be a real thing.
🤔 We'll just wait if it's come true or not, because their birthday is in late this month.

Shanghai Wangcheng will make another controversial thing.
❎ Is that company still a thing? haha

Yamaha will still continue their massive marketing approach, especially for producers outside the community, and will resulting the growing amount of new users, especially for said market, slowly but sure.
🤔 They still doing this kind of marketing approach, but I'm not sure about the latter point

Engine updates will be a real thing, though Ameya will be still stuck in Visual Basic 6 hell. Also there will be an official solution for closed-sylable-based and consonant-cluster-based language.
❎ Their released update is just that 64-bit ver of Mac's Utau.

There will be no new resampler engines,
❎ There's an Utau user that actively experiment about resampler development, and releasing the results!

and Kanru Hua will stop the development of Moresampler as he will be so busy with SynthV, though the download link still be kept.

Synthesizer V:
This will be get popular, slowly but sure. There will be so many new voicebanks, and some of them are paid voicebanks. Quadimension/Beijing Photek will make Stardust's new sister into SynthV, though the status is unknown whether it's for public or private release.
✅ A BIG YEAH! And all M5 sisters are all on sale!

Possibly some development for Korean voicebank?

Namine Ritsu's Sharpkey voicebank and others will be released. English voicebank and UI will be in development.
✅❓ Sharpkey just rebranded into DeepVocal, and the fact that it's Utau-like community-driven, so yeah! (though I don't really fond of Ritsu's DV bank.)

Actually idk if I can predict about upcoming year. I don't really sure about things, but here's what I can guess what will happened next.

  • Vocaloid just being slow again haha
  • Finally we can have new updates about that "Neo Piapro Studio"! Because the fact that CFM are not actually "separated" from Yamaha, there are 2 possibilities: they still use Vocaloid API/backend (haha) with some modifications here and there; or Yamaha "just assisting" with the developments. Expect some new (or just updates/port?) VB developments from them!
  • SynthV release 2! Finally we can expect new Japanese and English voicebanks! And there's no longer a problem about overseas purchasing, hopefully!
    (just small notes: I don't really fond of SVR2's UI, but that's still in concept, as Kanru illustrated with that half-finished horse drawing wwww, so yeah, we can expect better. And I do agree that he often humble-brag www. His communication approach is very iconic we stan)
  • Zing? I don't really sure about that bih
  • I can't tell about Utau, but DeepVocal will being more updated, more mature, and I really hope the VB development being much more fun! I want to develop a DV bank/method using my native language so badly aaaaa

Yeah, that's it.
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Apr 6, 2018
The Lightning Strike
The 2019 thread for anyone looking.
• More Synth V's are released than Vocaloids.
Unless we get several surprise December releases, this one rings true.
• Emvoice is released.
Dang right.

• The next company to join VOCALOID5 will be a new face.
Hello again, Gynoid.
• The first Vocaloid to receive a V5 update will be...an Engloid?!
No more V5 updates yet.... But perhaps this could come true next year?
• A Defoko update is announced following new UTAU developments.
UTAU is currently ghosting us.

2020 predictions:

1. After their first voicebank was in English, many Vocaloid fans were shocked by SynthV's decision to focus more on Asian speaking markets. I predict this trend will continue, with SynthV 2 containing a breakout Japanese voicebank that sends the software mainstream. From then on Japanese and Chinese voicebanks will dominate the software, with the occasional English and Spanish releases. Many new fans will join, most unaware of Eleanor's existence, interested exclusively in the new Japanese and Chinese singers. Over 10 years later, just as Oprah enters her second term of presidency, SynthV 5 will release with a surprise crop of English voicebanks and new focus on the American market. Tragically, Kanru Hua will then lose interest in the software, leaving its future uncertain. Can I get an F in the chat

2. A Voiceroid will go viral via TikTok.

3. The Piapro synth will be delayed as Yamaha and Crypton fight a custody battle over Hatsune Miku.


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Sep 21, 2019
Here's my predictions.

EmVoice will eventually put in the functions that should've been in there at release. Some people will actually buy it and then the rest of the fandom will laugh in its face.

Piapro will see great success, though it will take some time for the producers who commonly use Cryptonloids to make the switch. Crypton announces CV04 and Chinese banks for the rest of their voices. Rin and Len will see improved English voicebanks. Piapro will see a lot of usage of features such as VocalDrive and Cherry Pie.

UTAU will get its long awaited update with a cleaner, more modern interface, motivating older UTAU creators to come rejoin the scene while also drawing in new fans.

SynthV will see tremendous rise in popularity after their new vocal is released.

Vocaloid will see a decline in usage due to Miku's move to a new platform. However, sales for other Vocaloids will still do well, and there will be one or two new voices added. A Vocaloid may see the chance to overtake Miku as the most popular Vocaloid.

(I tried! -\_(ツ)_/-)


May 17, 2018
I'll try not to gloat about my predictions from last year

Okay I was a bit off about my predictions about 1st Place, CeVIO and Namco Bandai. We didn't get a new ONE bank and Namco hasn't licensed a concert system. Other than the Meikas, Yamaha didn't get much support this year for v5.

Other than that I guess I was one of the few people who made that prediction about CFM making their own engine (Circus has said that he thought they were going to make that move also).

Now onto the 2020 predictions.


They know they are in deep doodoo and things aren't going to look any better for them next year either haha. This could lead them to open up their synth patents to keep that division afloat.


They're going to focus on engine upgrades and third party relations. No new first party banks this year.


They have more english projects in the pipeline than they would care to admit at this moment. Internet Co's absence in developing new banks this year could lead them to aim for the number two spot in singing synth voice companies (behind CFM). I want to say something about an english Yukari singing bank (a voiceroid bank is very likely though) but I guess it would depend on Chihiro or if they want to get another voicer to do the english Yukari bank, but I really don't know.

The odds are pretty good that AHS and Vocalomakets will find a bilingual singer (japanese and english) for a brand new voicebank to join Yukari and Akari in their Vocalomakets roster.


Meiko and Kaito piapro banks Q1/Q2. Miku, Rin, Len & Luka banks in Q3/Q4. News about a brand new character (a character that have been hinted by folks at CFM a few times already) sometime before the US/Canada MikuExpo shows with her concert debut possibly being at these shows.


Maybe they'll try to copy Crypton and make their own engine? I'm not sure. Yamaha kinda left them hanging.
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Jul 5, 2019
Vocaloid: only a few voicebanks in 2020 and usage will continue to decline

UTAU: Ameya will rise from the dead again but then start playing dead soon after

SynthV: will have SVR2 soon, and we'll hear more about the Japanese company partnership teased by Kanru

Crypton, CeVIO: we'll hear more from their new engine

DeepVocal: more updates, possibly open-sourcing (Boxstar said that it was possible)

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