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Apr 8, 2018
There seems to be 7-8 new songs left now? I hope other Cryptonloids won't be left out. It would be nice if each got at least one song with Rin and Len getting a duet maybe.

(Also, someone in the YouTube comments mentioned the song is using a sound effect for "Switch Click", that's really cool since the newest game is made for Switch)


May 13, 2018
Really nice new theme! As expected from livetune :miku_ani_lili:
Because of this I'm sorta blindy believing the PV will also include all the Cryptons like Decorator, I mean, there isn't any hint but it's nice to believe haha, if the switch can handle six characters I hope it gets put to use!

As for songs there's 8 left to reveal, since Catch the Wave will be exclusive to Mega39s and won't be included in the Future Tone DLC as far as I understood-
I think there's going to be one more Miku song at least and the rest solos for the cryptons and one Rin/Len duet maybe? Not sure about that 8th song, but yeah it would be pretty sad if they don't get new songs.
My guesses are:
Miku - Unknown Mother Goose, A final tribute to wowaka and an amazing song, I will also understand if it isn't included due respect
Rin - Roki, I don't think I need to say much more, but I hope they it's the original with MikitoP
Len - Law-evading Rock, catchy song and would make for a very fun chart
Luka - Dreaming Chuchu, due to it's inclusion in Magical Mirai, not of my favourites, if I had to choose a recent song it would be HowMuch?! or Never Die...
Kaito - Doctor=Funkbeat, enough said
Meiko - Ramuneido Buruu no Shoukei, her upcoming song in Magical Mirai, I love how it sounds but I also fear it's going to be the only Mei song the next two years and people will get bored of it because of that, fingers crossed that's not the case :(
Rin/Len - Bring It On, considering the popularity of this song I will be surprised if it gets left out, even if that means Rin and Len won't get solos.

In a way this is the more safe route, maybe the setlist won't be in any way similar to this and there will be more surprises (Unsual duets or maybe a group song? I would die of happiness if ANTI THE∞HOLiC gets added to the setlist) but gaaah 10 songs feels so little, so many great songs that could be in the game honestly (':
I can't wait for more news ;u;


May 13, 2018
Um..... About that, that song does contain a couple of the F words.
It didn't stop it from being in a couple of concerts haha.
Hmmm well, this year Len will finally get another solo, which isn't in Project Diva to begin with, so they might go back to the roots of introducing songs through concerts (like I feel will happen to Meiko) but that's more or less the same case for Dappou Rock which is more well known and would prob excite more people, still, I like the new song he is getting this MM so I would enjoy it in Mega39s too :len_smile_lili:

In any case I'm sure they would work a way around it if they add Dappou Rock, like they have done with previous songs containing different kinds of questionable content.
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Jan 5, 2019
Get this: minutes ago while looking up online, I discovered this image on reddit:

It is an image of a fan edited Hatsune Miku themed turquoise colored Nintendo Switch Lite.
Not only that, but there is a couple more images, this time it's the Kagamines themed yellow colored Nintendo Switch Lite.

So, what do you think?

sov73811, the guy who made both the Miku themed Nintendo Switch Lite and the Kagamines themed Nintendo Switch Lite, he also made the one with Megurine Luka, MEIKO, and KAITO respectively:

Same goes to GUMI:
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