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Question looking for physical v4 starter packs


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so as many of you may or may not know, i got miku v4x for christmas last year. however, i simply got her and not the actual vocaloid software. piapro studio is a pain in the ass for me to use and i personally don't like the user interface of v5, so i'm looking for a v4 starter pack so i can have the actual software itself while getting another vocaloid along with it to use with miku. i don't care if it's pre-owned or anything as long as its in good shape. the only v4 ones i found on ebay were zunko and iroha, and i can't really see myself using zunko as i personally dislike her voicetype. i may go for iroha, but i'd like to see my options in case there is another i want more than her.


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Apr 8, 2018
Internet currently have V4 GUMI complete available as a starter pack. It's the only one I can find from an official distributor right now, it's incredibly difficult to get the V4 editor.


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Dec 2, 2019
I was going to mention the gumi starter pack as well. This may be your only chance to get a copy of the v4 editor retail. Everyone was really surprised that it (and the otomachi una starter pack that sold out) was restocked. Your only other chance to get it is to go on mercari and Yahoo japan and hope you snag a good deal for a used one, which is what i did, and it took months of checking to snag one 😅
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Apr 9, 2018
I'm not really sure how it works, but there is Vocaloid4.5 Editor for Cubase (it's like Vocaloid5 Editor, so it uses V5 voices and older, but looks like V4 editor). I'm not sure about the cost/what it entails getting that running/don't have time to investigate right now, though.

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