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Need tips for tuning in Synth V 2


Apr 9, 2018
This sounds a bit dumb, but I am struggling with tuning in SV2. I really liked using SV1 and could get it to sound exactly how I wanted it. But even after watching all of the SV2 tutorials on the official YouTube channel, I feel like I'm staring at the sliders without tounching them and basically only able to think of drawing tuning for the gender parameter.

I wanted to add some power to a song test and couldn't even think of how to add any sort of "oomph" like texture or loudness (I was using Genbu Pro last time I tried tuning, but I have the current Lite voices along with Pro Aiko and Saki). I couldn't figure out how to draw or tweak vibrato, either (I tried vibrato envelope, but I couldn't really notice it doing anything).

And another problem I had was that the file I was working with was an imported VSQx, some of the notes were very small and I couldn't notice a way to disable snapping or make the note sizes (ex: 4/8/16/32) change from what it is by default. (I wanted to change the sizes of some other notes/break them apart, but the chunks were too big and sounded dumb compared to what I had done in Vocaloid Editor.)

Could anyone please share tips of parameters you often draw or sliders you often use and explain how to use them? (Might need screenshots.) I really want to understand tuning in SV2 compared to SV1, I keep feeling so discouraged and like I might as well leave it at the default it gives me since it usually sounds pretty, even though people would probably make fun of me for doing that. orz


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Jul 21, 2018
you can disable snapping in: view -> pianoroll ->snapping
But changing length of notes frustrates me a lot in Synth V, and I think it has become worse in v2 (I can't compare, I don't have the old version). It seems that the point where you can grab hold of the note to change the length is very small. Either you get hold of the note and can pull the length - or you accidentally create a new note - I've never had this problem in vocaloid 5 or or Piapro (or in Studio One's midi editor).

I'm no expert in Synth V but I think you can use 'tension' to give a voice more 'oomph' as you say. On most voices I like to lower the overall tension (voice - tension) and then give extra tension to some powerful notes (note properties - tension).
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