1. SeleDreams

    Tutorial French OpenUTAU tutorial

    I made this tutorial to help people who speak french to use french voices on openutau as there was a lack of resources on this specific topic. I focused on the phonemizer but i might make dedicated resources for voices that don't support it, as although i briefly explained it with kumi, there's...
  2. HoodyP

    TALQu - An Unofficial English guide thread on TALQu and it's voice model creation!

    (This is basically a repost of the thread I did in UTAForum actually, so I added here just to have a more widespread availability for the thread I guess...) Hey guys, HoodyP here! Recently, on 24th of December 2021, Haruqa (creator of TALQu) initiated the "Lightning Project Challenge" where...
  3. Prism

    *Tacotron 2 voicebank Training and Synthesis Tutorial *

    :tonio_ani_lili:This is Prism's Guide on how to use Tacotron 2:tonio_ani_lili: Things you will need Computer Audacity https://www.audacityteam.org/download/ Google drive account Audio to make a voice of First off Watch Cherry studio videos He walks you through better than I could ever do...
  4. peaches2217

    Tutorial Harsh Vocals in V5

    :kiyoteru_lili:Let's make harsh vocals in VOCALOID5! :kiyoteru_lili: Hey you! Do you have VOCALOID5? Do you wanna make music with harsh vocals (also known erroneously as "screamo")? Do you wanna do it all from the comfort of your Vocaloid editor, without having to fumble around with Charsiesis...
  5. Arklite

    I made an original show about GUMI teaching you how to write music

    I generally stick to making music videos, but I thought I'd try something different this time around. Any thoughts, suggestions, or feedback is highly appreciated. If this is something you'd like to see more of, please let me know!
  6. uncreepy

    SynthV Need tips for tuning in Synth V 2

    This sounds a bit dumb, but I am struggling with tuning in SV2. I really liked using SV1 and could get it to sound exactly how I wanted it. But even after watching all of the SV2 tutorials on the official YouTube channel, I feel like I'm staring at the sliders without tounching them and...
  7. uncreepy

    Resource How to use Recotte Studio (for VOICEROID videos)

    Recotte Studio, also known as レコッテ スタジ (REKOTTE SUTAJIO) or レコスタ (REKOSUTA), is software created by AHS meant for making VOICEROID videos. (It is not completely finished software, they will be adding more features soon.) Product page: Recotte Studio - 実況動画作成ソフトウェア|製品情報|AHS(AH-Software) Free 30...
  8. uncreepy

    Tutorial Activate Non-Crypton Vocaloids In Piapro

    Notes: This is a very quick video demonstration of how to activate non-Crypton Vocaloids in Piapro. Before following the video, please create a Sonicwire account. When you click the blue "Get Access Key" button, it automatically opens a new browser window taking you to Sonicwire. I censored my...
  9. uncreepy

    Resource Explaining guitar for non-guitarists (rock, metal, acoustic)

    1) GUITAR 101 1a) Introduction Hi, everyone. I thought it would be helpful to provide breakdowns of memorable guitar parts from famous songs in order to help teach non-guitarists how to "think" like a guitarist. I noticed a lot of creators are interested in making rock or metal songs, but are...
  10. SeleDreams

    Resource Free DAWs that are as good as paid ones to start making music.

    Hi, I'm making this thread as I often notice people asking if there are any good free DAWs getting answers like "It's not worth it" or "just get fl studio/studio one/etc" I personally believe that there are enough good free DAWs to find some that can be as powerful as the giants on the market...
  11. SeleDreams

    Resource Installing Piapro Studio and VOCALOID Editor on Linux

    I've just started making this tutorial. At the moment, I have finished the part for Piapro Studio but I still have to write the others and adding screenshots. Tutorial - Installing and using Piapro Studio and Vocaloid on Linux
  12. SeleDreams

    Tutorial Installing and using Piapro Studio and Vocaloid on Linux

    Hi. I'm SeleDreams. I've started making original music using VOCALOID a while ago, and since I moved to Linux, I didn't really have a native option to use the voicebanks I paid for. Thankfully there are multiple ways to work around it. The one I am going to teach in this tutorial is my favorite...
  13. uncreepy

    Resource Methods to make a metal scream/death growl with VOCALOID

    [Note: I will be updating this document throughout the day so that I can safety save. Please be patient while I transfer the information from Google Docs to this post and make it more organized to look at. ^^; Edit: I have almost all of the information on here. I just have to organize it...
  14. Kazumimi

    Resource UTAU Pitchbends ---> Vocaloid 4 Pitch Bends

    I finally figured out how to copy UTAU tuning into V4 and Piapro without having to redo it all manually, so I've decided to write this tutorial to help others who have been trying to do the same! It's not a very difficult process, unlike what I thought. Just follow the instructions below and...
  15. peaches2217

    Importing VOCALOID2 - Who to Contact for Import Codes

    *THIS IS VERY, VERY, VERY MUCH A WORK IN PROGRESS. This is a continuation/sub-thread of my Import Guide. Who do I contact for an import code? The answer is simple: the company who produced your V2! That said, it's not quite the cut-and-dry answer it seems. Some companies require you to jump...
  16. peaches2217

    Resource Importing VOCALOID2 Banks Into VOCALOID3/4/PIAPRO - An In-Depth Guide

    I had some trouble finding the tools for doing this, so I figured I'd make a thread to help others who might need it! There was a previous guide published to this forum (thank you, @Move->Forward!), but I still had a lot of questions about where to find the import tool and about V2s in general...
  17. uncreepy

    Resource How to get VOCALOID5 Editor to work correctly in Studio One 3

    The default VOCALOID5 VSTi in Studio One 3 is incorrect and does not work properly. This tutorial explains how to locate the correct file in order to use VOCALOID5 Editor in Studio One 3. Note: Please click the image so it is larger and can be magnified in order to see it at full size.
  18. uncreepy

    Tutorial How to get Synthesizer V to work in FL Studio

    The official manual was too vague for me and only explains how to link Synthesizer V to REAPER, so I made this step-by-step guide with screenshots explaining how to link FL Studio 20 and Synth V.
  19. Sylveranty

    Tutorial [UTAU] Key combinations, using the Alt-key, the Quantize setting [English & Deutsch]

    The video is about various UTAU key combinations, accessing menus via the Alt-key (which I'd probably appreciate more if I was only using a keyboard and had no access to a mouse), and the Quantize setting which allows more fine-tuned note lengths. There is no speech in the video. The text is in...
  20. Sylveranty

    Tutorial [UTAU] Vorbereitung und Installation [Deutsch]

    Im Video: Wie man das Gebietsschema (Locale) und das Dezimaltrennzeichen ändert, sowie wie man die japanische Tastatur der Tastatur-Auswahl hinzufügt und nutzt. Hintergrundmusik des Videos wurde von Satinengel zur Verfügung gestellt. Bevor ihr das Programm „UTAU“ überhaupt herunterladet...