Shatter My Heart WIP -- Arsloid Original Rock Song (With Rin ENG at the moment)


Apr 9, 2018
So I'm working on another song (Voice from the Forest is almost done! I just don't know if I should mix it up a bit more with some reverb to Len's voice, etc. plus need a drawing to go with it) and I'm taking so long on it! I wanted to show some progress on it since I was struggling on finishing up lyrics and adding in some more vocal notes.
I just wanted it to be a pure Arsloid song, but at the moment Rin is there (I had Avanna but switched her) since I'm using the English track as a guide and as a draft (for notes placement and lyrics), but...I'm slowly getting attach to using Rin as a Singer too for this song. :rin_smile_lIlI:

Title at the moment is "Shatter my Heart" (The instrumental was originally going to be for another song with a different title, but I am now using it for Arsloid, thanks to Erick :gumi_lili:)

There isn't much tuning since I'm still at the beginning stage, so at the end you can hear Arsloid not so clearly in the Engrish parts (Rin overshadows him too). Mixing was done quickly and I didn't render out the voices so Rin is powerful compare to Arsloid.

The song: Shatter My Heart WIP 1

Not so perfect and messing Lyrics:

love is dead
goodbye to all
I won't miss you
As you finish me
Your poison hurts
Taking its time to kill
Kiss me one more time
so I can go down with hate

Coming to a place of no return
I could only accept
My heart
take it away
I no longer need it

Still haunting me
The hate inside
Is killing me
Save me
I can't get you out

[ Not used lyrics {The flowers are dying
Still haunting me
Shatter the pictures
Try to break the chains
Yet you still won't let me go} ]

fill up the emptiness inside me
I can no longer go on
paint the black sky with my tears
I lost my way

[ Not used lyrics {Shatter my heart against the wall
The glass spreads and cuts
It hurts so much
I can't be numb to this after all

I just want to be free of this
Hate and being numb doesn't work} ]
I just want to be free of you

As I look up to the stars
can I make a wish among them?
The stars
Light up my path
In these darken times

Still haunting me
The hate inside
Is killing me
Can't get you out
[ {To be saved I must save myself first} ]

One last time
Say my words
I cut your strings
Shred my last tears
And run away
To a better place
Far away from you
So I can start healing now​

Should I keep Rin English for the Chorus part (I think it would be easier and neat to use her alongside Arsloid)? :rune_lili:


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Sep 11, 2019
I really like it! It sounds neat, and Rin cutting in adds a very floaty atmosphere to the song, I think. For being in the beginning stages, it's excellent!
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