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Sukone Tei Fanclub

What do you like about Tei?

  • Voice

  • Design

  • Personality

  • Idk man, I just like her.

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Sep 21, 2019
I would like to join please, here's an old Tei parody
Welcome to the club! I remember watching that old parody years ago, hehe.
Hi! I'd like to join as well :lapis_lili: i've been planning on writing some tei fanfic soon, but here's a good one I found in the meantime ! this ones by Kazumimi on AO3 !
Oooh, I'd be interested in seeing them should you ever upload theme here! (You could even share the link to them here if you wanted!)
Also, wow! That's my fanfic, haha. I'm glad you liked it!
Welcome to the club!
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