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The Vocaloid Apocalypse Game


Apr 9, 2018
You are tasked with selecting 1 Vocaloid to eliminate from ever existing. No one will remember them and all traces of their songs, fan art, and fan fics will vanish from the Earth. Anyone who bought them will wake up with about $80ish dollars back in their bank account.

But in exchange for having such power, your punishment is that you can only ever use 1 Vocaloid for the rest of your life. (It's okay if the Vocaloid has more than 1 voice bank or has more than 1 version (Ex: You can use both Miku V4X and Miku V2. You are only able to buy any of that Vocaloid's banks.))

1) Which Vocaloid will you erase from the history of mankind?
2) Which Vocaloid will you use exclusively for the rest of your life?

The Vocaloid you eliminate doesn't necessarily have to be the worst (in your humble opinion), it could be a merciful decision based on a character's popularity. Feel free to explain your decisions. Also, I know such power could be controversial, so please try not to be offended, it's all just a game...

Edit: You HAVE TO pick ONE character for both 1 and 2. No cop outs! You must make a clear decision. (I know, it's tough.)


My decision:
1) I would erase Mirai Komachi, because Namco Bandai never replied to my email and she probably sold like 7 copies, so not much would change if she was gone.
2) I would use Gumi, because I'm a fan of her cute English sound and she has so many Japanese banks, it seems quite versatile and useful.


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Apr 9, 2018
Time to be evil

1) :ryuuto_lili: This little kiddie. I was almost tempted to go with someone else, but going to stick with this one. Not a big fan of his voice the most and forget about his existence most of the time. Another reason is that.....what who am I talking about again...? :seeu_lili:

2) Kaito, first Vocaloid I fell in love with (alongside Miku, but more of Kaito) and first one that I brought, so I'll go with him. Doesn't hurt that Kaito is also receiving an append soon! :kaito_ani_lili:

Thank god for my Vocal Rendering Collab Thread too so I can have someone render me a Vocal. :fukase_lili:


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Apr 8, 2018
I've been thinking too hard about this rofl

1) Arsloid, I guess. I just haven't heard a usage of him that impressed me. Maybe if they had made his "extensions" full banks on their own I would have liked him better (or enough to pick someone else at least sjskjfdsl)

2) You wouldn't think this would be so hard for me because I almost never use mine anyway and yet. But I think I'm going to have to say Ruby, because I still have hope that I'll make originals one day and I expect she'll be the best one for them


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Apr 8, 2018
1) Ryuto (Gachapoid). Just because the world wouldn't lose much (seems almost no one uses her, and I haven't seen anyone who would list Ryuto among their favorite Vocaloids). Also I don't personally like his voice or design.

2) If you know me, you should know it's Miku, I just love her. (Miku is the only Vocaloid I own, and I'm not planning on getting more Vocaloids , so nothing would really change, at least not for now).
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Apr 9, 2018
Thank god for my Vocal Rendering Collab Thread too so I can have someone render me a Vocal. :fukase_lili:
Oooh, sneaky, sneaky.
I knew Green would pick Kaito and hamano would pick Miku! Gachapoid was also on my list for elimination, but I chose to spare him. :sweetann_ani_lili:

But I think I'm going to have to say Ruby, because I still have hope that I'll make originals one day and I expect she'll be the best one for them
I'm rooting for you!


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Apr 8, 2018
1. I’d say unity-chan. She’s just so...interesting being from Unity, and I’ve never been a fan of her voice or design. I like the concept of Vocaloid/Unity, but I think it’s just as easy to export from Vocaloid and import to Unity than the SDK thing they were going for.

2. This is difficult. While my mind says be logical and pixk the most versetile choice, my heart just can’t bare to not use Avanna. She mqy be one language, and a very specific tone that isn’t always super versetile, her mature voice still outshines everything for me and I don’t know what I’d do with any other voice.
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I would erase Kagamine Len. His voice isn't very good, and I'm honestly 100% scared of his fans, so having them forget him would be a huge blessing. And his SCARY fanart. That's really my only reasoning.

I would probably want to use LEON. I know he's not the highest quality, but I would really enjoy using him, since I just really like him. And he has approximately three originals, and two of which are duets with Lola. So it'd be nice to add to that roster.


Jul 5, 2019
I'd eliminate Kaai Yuki, just because I find the idea of a voicebank of a young child disgusting.

As a conlanger, if I were stuck with one Vocaloid, then I'd use MAIKA. (Though I'll admit: I'm not a fan of her design.)


AKA missy20201 (Elliot)
Apr 8, 2018
Hm... I'd eliminate Oliver. I don't like shotas, and his "fuzzy" voicebank bothers me. He was practically the face of Engloids for a while there and it was,, a real shame.

God this one is hard. I want to pick Kaito, because he was my original Vocaloid stan from like 2010 but,, in terms of who's my favorite to use, and draw, and mix? It's gotta be Leon. Good thing V1 still works on Win10 and virtual machines exist for when it eventually does stop working with me :')
Edit: My stipulation is that I still gotta be able to run another editor without using it. I rigged V2 to accept VSQx's and it's my only saving grace for making midis for quick covers </3


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Mar 16, 2019
I would eliminate Vflower, her V3 growl sounds demonic and everyone makes her sing in english, which doesn't even sound good or understandable to me, also she sounds croaky? like she needs to clear her throat and it just sounds annoying. Also her fans are...

This is really hard, I wanna pick Miku or Avanna but I have to stand with my girl Galaco she's just so much fun to listen too and her cool and chill voice, she a little on the low quality side but still seems fun to use regardless.

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