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Other Upcoming AI singing synthesizer "AmadeuSY" (Originally: Voicing)


sekai liker
Mar 27, 2020
the account @amadeusy_AI on twitter has been developing an AI program as of recently.

its being supported by canon/ritsu's voice provider (using her vocal data)
the site can be found here

as the site says, you can apply to have your voice set up for the program via twitter DMs.
( it was stated that around 10 songs are needed to develop a library)

currently, namine ritsu seems to be the only one showcased right now

there seems to be a community discord for this, but its likely JP only

creator's nico: here
soundcloud: here
twitter: here
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Oct 24, 2020
Hold on... Akesato (and Hakupo) are coming soon? Consider me mildly perched!

It doesn't help that Canon isn't a great vocalist, but pitchiness and canon-isms aside, I'm very pleasantly surprised at how clean the latest one sounds!
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Still misses Anri Rune
Apr 8, 2018
Shoot...I really wanted this one 😔
thank you for rooting for me patuk, it's a sad day in the fandom that this name lost but we'll recover eventually </3 😔

I feel like this name is gonna take me awhile to remember (I keep wanting to read it as amadesu) but at least it's different, and doesn't have AI or V in it haha.
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