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Sep 11, 2019
CeVIO AI banks up to 20% off on Animate Games right now! Only applies to Sasara/Tsudumi/Yukari/IA/ONE/Fee. According to CeVIO's Twitter, you can combine it with another coupon for up to 28% off, but I'm not familiar with Animate in the slightest, so I'm doing some digging to confirm.

EDIT: Looks like you'll need a Japanese address and phone number to sign up, as well as a functioning overseas phone number for verification codes. Thankfully most countries seem to be supported for the phone thing and Tenso can give you a Japanese address/number! But the signup is still fairly complicated, so proceed accordingly.

Also, 15% off all CeVIO products on DLSite! Make sure you have an account or you won't see the discounts.

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Apr 8, 2018
a big ass Gumi bundle
This conveyed a very different idea to me than was intended for about a second :ROFL:. But I'm sure Gumi understood that Internet is offering a large bundle of Gumi material at a competitive price, rather than some sort of bundle of content featuring her with a large posterior.

Nvm, please excuse my brain's linguistic processor's temporary idiocy.


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May 6, 2022
In celebration of their twitter reaching 10K followers, A.I.VOICE products on the A.I.VOICE official shop have a 10% discount from 11/25-11/28
* GUMI from Megpoid isn''t available on the A.I.VOICE official shop btw

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