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  • OKAY SO :gackpo_lili:

    I was at le casual dance practice at my middle school.

    The room had smelled like smoke for the whole practice (kinda like a hot glue gun) and we couldn't figure out where it was coming from. MY FRIEND LOOKS UP. AND SMOKE IS COMING FROM THE CEILING VENTS.

    Naturally, we all freak out. We throw on our shoes, grab our stuff, and run outside. Le pouring rain out there.


    Our coach tells us to text our parents to come get us early.

    A fun little anecdote about how we all almost died! :arsloid_lili:
    I rlly wish i could go to magical mirai 2019 but i can't Dx i'm stuck in stupid old america, i can't go to japan, and i cannot acquire tickets :((((
    ...i really just needed to vent for a second...
    so there's this girl in my class who bullies me some. not to my face, but she talks about me behind my back. i'm 99% she's spreading mean rumors about me behind my back. and she bullies me for liking Vocaloid. constantly brings it up and mocks me for it. and i accidentally hinted at my kaito crush once... now i just give her another thing for her to bully me about. i may be exaggerating a bit... but it still hurts. at dance class, she's somewhat nice, but at school she's super mean and just ignores me a lot. still a lot of my friends think Vocaloid is weird, but at least i have one IRL friend i'm introducing to vocaloid, and she doesn't bully or judge me for it. thanks if you read this far.
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    Ouch, that sucks. If she only bullies you at school, it sounds like she's probably showing off in front of someone--either trying to improve her own social position, reduce yours, or make herself feel better about herself at your expense. If you could figure out who that is, you might be able to avoid being around her when that other person is there. Also, it won't make the bullying stop, or completely keep it from hurting, but it might help you to remember that the way she's behaving isn't strong--it's actually weak and pathetic. A truly developed, strong person doesn't need to make others look/feel like less--they're strong on their own. Finally, as one last thing, I was picked on when I was younger, too. Eventually, the people doing it did stop. Some of them I got away from when school years changed, some of them just kind of came to ignore me. I don't know if that meant they grew out of it, but regardless, it did stop. So it sucks now, but there's definitely hope.
    Try not to worry about it too much. You are still young and believe me, getting too influenced by bullying will not help you in the future. I know it hurts, but see it like that: mean people do have 'weird' hobbies and interests too, they just are too insecure about it to show it to anyone or talk about it. You on the other hand seem to be a very proud Vocaloid fan and that's admirable! I got into Vocaloid when I was 10 and I'm 21 now. Back then I really couldn't talk about any of my hobbies without getting judged and now it doesn't matter anymore. Just be yourself, even if it seems hard. : )
    So, crushes within the fandom...

    Do any of you guys have crushes on any of the Vocaloids, UTAUs, or fanloids? If you do, then why? Any and all replies are welcome.

    I'll start: I personally have a crush on Kaito, just because his design is amazing, his voice is amazing, and listening to him sing just lifts me up and makes me happy. Quite honestly, I would have ended myself a long time ago if it weren't for him.

    What do you guys think?
    Hi, I'm Kiarra!

    I'm a huge fan of Kaito, and I'm total Vocaloid fandom trash. I also don't really have any friends, since I spend so much time listening to Vocaloid and watching anime, and everyone thinks I'm weird for it xP I am listening to 1/4 (a really really good Kaito song) as I type this... which shows just how much of a lame otaku I am xD Currently learning Japanese with Duolingo. Introvert IRL but extrovert only online. I make trashy fanart and currently have an xreader fic in progress right now which I may post later^^

    Kaito is my favorite, obviously. Every time I look at him or hear his voice, my heart just melts. He's the reason I spend so much time online and the reason I'm still living. His voice helped me through depression and I JUST LOVE HIM SO MUCHHHH AHHHHHHHH

    Well I hope to be friends with some of y'all...!


    Song quote of the day:
    "Am I the only one
    That's holding on for far too long?
    Was it all just a dream?
    Am I wrong?
    Was there no 'You and Me'?"
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