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kagamine len

  1. Luxie

    Luxie’s VOCALOID Covers

    Hey there! I’ve been covering VOCALOID songs for about 3 months now (it’s been extremely tricky to get volume/tuning right), but I’m to the point where I think I can start adding them here now. This is where I’m gonna post all my covers from now on. You can also look at my older covers on there...
  2. Vepar

    【Kagamine Len V4X】Record Red【VOCALOID Cover】

    Hi guys! I changed the mix of this like five times but at long last it's up on YouTube. I had a ton of fun experimenting with his EVECs, and breaths and cross synth capabilities. I'm pretty happy with how it came out! Hopefully you guys enjoy it too. Thanks for listening!
  3. Aurumantem

    Aurumantem's covers!

    This is where I am going to put all of my new covers, hopefully making it easier to sort them! 10/11/2020: Meltdown - KAITO V1, Youtube Link
  4. Scarlet Illusion

    Oster Project - Distorted Dream and Marionette (Ft. Miku, Rin, Luka, Meiko, and Gumi)

    Well, Oster Project has uploaded a delightful new song! It seems to be perfect compromise between the style of her older songs and her newer songs! (This song captures everything I love about Oster Project, and I love it!)
  5. Scarlet Illusion

    [WIP Help] Trick and Treat Remake Cover

    I'm in need of a little help with this cover as I'm having some issues. I'm satisfied with Rin's vocals, but the problem lies within Len's vocals. For some reason he sounds like he's choking or something during various parts of the song. I've never had this issue with his vocals before, so...
  6. Scarlet Illusion

    Kagamine Len Fanclub

    :len_smile_lili:.:Welcome to the Len Fanclub!:.:len_smile_lili: Dedicated to everybody's favorite blonde banana boy! Banana boy is best boy. Featured Covers Featured Originals Featured Fanart
  7. Scarlet Illusion

    (Vocaloid/UTAU fanfic) More Than What She Seems

    Hi! I just wanted to share a fanfic I've been working on. It's mainly about Sukone Tei, but the Cryptonloids and the other Vipperloids play various roles as well. It has ~3 chapters that I've uploaded so far (I've written more, but I'm only updating weekly) and I'm quite proud of it. There's...
  8. 鏡音レン01


  9. Mei-Saime

    BML 2019

    Heyo! A trailer for BiliBili Micro Link 2019 has been released along with who will perform at BML 2019 VR! Not only do we have VTubers HimeHina performing, but Crypton Future Media Vocaloids will be making their debut at BML alongside returning Vocaloid group VSinger and Muta's Yan Xi! Edit...
  10. CV420

    VOCALOID Question about Rin & Len Act 1

    I wanted to know about their choppiness and why exactly they're like that. I know initially it's because Crypton rushed their development and wanted them out on the shelves ASAP because of Miku's popularity, but what in the the voicebank itself makes the samples so short/cut off? Is V2 similar...
  11. Cranefridgeprod

    Commission Vocaloid 5 Tuning Commissions

    For $10 I'll tune a VSQx of yours in V5 Click here for a demo!! Here are some of my other works for different producers: I make all my VPRs and tune them myself. I've used Vocaloid 4 for 2 years so I have a good amount of experience. Feel free to contact me on discord @ 000#7376 !!!! or my...
  12. IrisFlower

    【VOCALOID Original】Crowd Control【Kagamine Len V4x】

    This is the song I composed for ASDR's album Envision~ I enjoyed working on it and using Len again. This is also a companion piece that expands on the story and universe of my other song, Paladin, that used Luka.
  13. Kagamine Len - Super Hero (スーパーヒーロー)

    Kagamine Len - Super Hero (スーパーヒーロー)

    Len's a super hero! ...or not. original niconico douga link; http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm17437298 lyrics by nem (yay) movie and illust by tama (YAAAY) gu...
  14. Kagamine Len ft Chicas - +♂ (Plus boy) 「Sub esp」

    Kagamine Len ft Chicas - +♂ (Plus boy) 「Sub esp」

    **LEAN LA DESCRIPCIÓN** *****れをる様はこの翻訳をYouTubeにあげて許可されました******** Link Original: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23134050 Música/ Edición Vocal: Giga-P (myli...
  15. Kagamine Len~Sacred Spear Explosion Boy~Project DIVA X

    Kagamine Len~Sacred Spear Explosion Boy~Project DIVA X

    English lyrics in the video. Yet another ''not-so-innocent'' song by Lenny-senpai
  16. Kagamine Len - Gigantic O.T.N. (English subs)

    Kagamine Len - Gigantic O.T.N. (English subs)

    Okay, this song isn't exactly ''innocent'' but believe me you don't expect anything better from Lenny-senpai, do you now? xD What I mean by that is this song contains sexual lyrics. Just read the on screen lyrics if you don't believe me.
  17. Mooverse resized.png

    Mooverse resized.png

    Mooverse banner by toa-of-ice (PlayStation Network) / @Thorn_Reed from Twitter/Piapro.
  18. uncreepy

    Other Cryptonloid voicebank updates, collabs, & concert news (crypton_wat Twitter translations)

    Note: This thread will be continuously updated from now on to have the latest crypton_wat tweets as they are posted. Stay tuned for juicy Cryptonloid news! Hi, I'm one of the uncreepy twins and stalking translating crypton_wat's tweets is a big hobby of mine. A lot my translations were lost to...
  19. idoltrash69

    idoltrash's VOCALOID stuff thread!

    Here it is! The return of my VOCALOID covers thread! I'll be sharing my covers here! My newest! :
  20. MeerkatQueen

    Kagamine Len minus in the sun by SOOO

    By far my favorite (and arguably the best) Len song. music, lyrics: SOOOO vocals: Kagamine Len V4X illust: Aoben Mahito mastering: Crystal-P VOCALOID wikia page