1. SeleDreams

    Kagamine Rin English Metal - "Dark Fantasy" WIP

    Since I just purchased electric guitar vsts from Native Instruments I wanted to put them to the test in a new song and it ended up sounding much better than I thought it would on Rin English It's normal the drums don't exactly fit I didn't compose them yet so I used a standard loop included...
  2. peaches2217

    Tutorial Harsh Vocals in V5

    :kiyoteru_lili:Let's make harsh vocals in VOCALOID5! :kiyoteru_lili: Hey you! Do you have VOCALOID5? Do you wanna make music with harsh vocals (also known erroneously as "screamo")? Do you wanna do it all from the comfort of your Vocaloid editor, without having to fumble around with Charsiesis...
  3. Shirogami

    【VOCALOID Original】Hero【ft. IA】

    Listen to full album on SOLITUDE, by SHIROGAMI SHIROGAMI If you like it, please subscribe to the channel^_^ SHIROGAMI
  4. Shirogami

    【VOCALOID Original】Traces【ft. IA】

    Listen to full album on SOLITUDE, by SHIROGAMI SHIROGAMI If you like it, please subscribe to the channel^_^ SHIROGAMI
  5. Shirogami

    [Vocaloid Original] Chains [ft. IA]

    Hello everyone! I finally released my new Vocaloid album and would like to share it with you. Here is an animation video on first song. Listen to full album on SOLITUDE, by SHIROGAMI SHIROGAMI If you like it, please subscribe to the channel^_^
  6. poser

    Hatsune Miku Risk of Exchange Murders - AnnyahoOfficial

    one of my favorite annyaho songs :miku_move:
  7. uncreepy

    Resource Explaining guitar for non-guitarists (rock, metal, acoustic)

    1) GUITAR 101 1a) Introduction Hi, everyone. I thought it would be helpful to provide breakdowns of memorable guitar parts from famous songs in order to help teach non-guitarists how to "think" like a guitarist. I noticed a lot of creators are interested in making rock or metal songs, but are...
  8. Overcast Immortal

    Only in Memory - Post-Metal ft. Marie Ork, NATA, and Bones

    It's been a rough five months since my last upload, but at least one song is now ready. This one starts out soft and ends hard. There is plenty of screaming in the second half.
  9. Daveybear_HTID

    Yuzuki Yukari "Colorful Pastel/カラフル・パステル" by Yokomin feat. Yuzuki Yukari

    As someone who loves both rock/metal and Yukari, Yokomin knows just how to deliver in those regards. Melodic, heavy, emotional. I love this guy's style. Subscribe to him if you haven't already~ Released: 5-Aug-2016
  10. uncreepy

    Resource How to make a death growl in CeVIO

    Step 1) Have your notes prepared in NOR/Edit Score mode: Step 2) Switch to PIT/Edit Pitch mode to see the green pitch bends: Step 3) Select the Eraser Tool. While holding down "Shift", click and drag from left to right to turn the green pitch white (indicating death growl is active). Step...
  11. uncreepy

    Resource Methods to make a metal scream/death growl with VOCALOID

    [Note: I will be updating this document throughout the day so that I can safety save. Please be patient while I transfer the information from Google Docs to this post and make it more organized to look at. ^^; Edit: I have almost all of the information on here. I just have to organize it...
  12. Overcast Immortal

    Backstabber - Instrument Post Rock/Metal

    I'm working on three Vocaloid drone metal songs featuring Dex, Daina, Maika, and Luka, but they're very big projects, with the longest being 13 minutes long. Until they're finished, I'm going to be uploading more instrumental songs that I've been holding onto for months.
  13. Shirogami

    【VOCALOID Original】To the World of Eternal Sleep (Eimin no Sekai e / 永眠の世界へ)【Haruno Sora V5 (JPN)】

    Hey! My new song and the first one in 2019. New Vocaloid 5 seems to be really cool! I hope you enjoy it! ^_^
  14. Overcast Immortal

    続ける/Continue Original Metal ft. Megurine Luka, DEX, Bones, & Marie Ork

    Hello again! 続ける/Continue is my debut song for the Vocaloid and Alter/Ego communities. It features Luka and Bones in lead roles, and Dex and Marie Ork as backups. I wrote it entirely in Japanese, and the lyrics (including an English translation) can be found in the Youtube description. It’s a...
  15. Shirogami

    【VOCALOID Original】Before the Morning Comes (Asa ga Kuru mae ni / 朝が来る前に)【IA V3 (JPN)】

    My last original song this year. I hope next year will be even more productive for all of us! ^^^Happy New Year everyone! Let your dreams come true!^^^
  16. Shirogami

    【VOCALOID Original】譫妄 (Senmou / Delirium)【IA V3 (JPN)】

    Hello again, after a few weeks of hard work I would like to present my new original song. ^_^
  17. Shirogami

    【VOCALOID Original】深淵の端に (Shin'en no Hashi ni/On the Edge of the Abyss)【IA V3 (JPN)】

    Hello, everyone! Let me share with you my new original Vocaloid song!
  18. sleepysheep7

    【UTAU KYE】The Servant of the Moon【Cover WIP】

    I think this is almost done. Finally added in the "scream" parts. I am positive there is a timing issue at the end but I think it is okay for the most part. I'll let people listen before I finalize it. I should also probably start looking for an artist to commision. Also I hope the screams are...

    OkameP / Taro Calvi Fanclub

    "I can't thank you enough for all you did for me" -- OkameP @ il Welcome to the OkameP fanclub! オカメP (OkameP) also known as かるび太郎 (Calvi Taro) is a vocarock producer from Japan, known for his sad farewell lyrics and beautiful voice tunings. He started using "Okame" (lit...