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Favorite Voicebank of Every Language


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Apr 8, 2018
This is more geared for English, Japanese, and Chinese voicebanks because there are more to chiose from but you can pick for any.
What voicebanks are your favorite? Or if you can't pick a single voicebank, just a Vocaloid. This can be for really any synth you want, just to see opinions, and multilingual Vocaloids count for more than one language (like Miku can count for Japanese, English, or Chinese because she has the voicebanks)

Personally, my favorites are Avanna for English, Lily V3 for Japanese, Yuezheng Ling for Chinese, and UNI for Korean. Not really a surprise for me, but they're the voices that stick out to me the most and I could listen to for hours.


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Apr 11, 2018
Japanese- kanon (fav guy- VY2)
English- Avanna (fav guy - Dex)
Chinese- Stardust
Korean- (don't like either, but SeeU is the better)
Spanish - Clara (Spanish is the only language where I like every vocaloid)


Aug 21, 2018
English - Cyber Songman? (I haven't found an English Vocaloid I really liked)
Korean - SeeU (I wish for a male vocal someday...)
Japanese - VY2
Chinese - Tie between Zhiyu Moke and YANHE (ha)
Spanish - MAIKA


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Apr 8, 2018
English ― Fukase
God he's the definition of basic vocally but the production value is amazing, his tone is beautiful and his pronunciation is great. A close second would be Gumi English but her bugs weigh her down. Not impressed enough by any current Engloids to even consider them bar Cyber Diva/Cyber Songman TBH.
Japanese ― Haruno Sora
What a QUEEN. Both her voicebanks are great, unique tones. She's new, but I really commend AH Soft on her production, you can tell why YAMAHA pushed her as a launch voicebank. Again close second would be Gumi just because of the sheer range of tones she offers as well as quality.
Chinese ― Mo Qingxian
This one is just like... I love her design, voice, everything. Wish she was done better by the Chinese community but I'll take what content there is. Hope she eventually gets appends and the like.
Korean ― UNI
Queen of dead appends... I love her Miku Append-ripoff-lite inspiration honestly and her colour scheme is to DIE for. She could really do with the appends but they're stuck on vocaloidempire's hard drive until they find the coins to pay YAMAHA. When UNI English returns from the war she'd be a contender for my favourite English voicebank too.
Spanish ― MAIKA
No comment needed. Strictly better than most vocals in general and wish other companies would take after Voctro when it comes to voicebank production. Can't beat the originals though, huh?
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Apr 8, 2018
I know my favorites constantly swing back and forth so this list will probably will be different within a week to be honest but here are my favorite so far;
English: Big Al or Gumi
Japanese: Luka or Una Otomachi spicy
Spanish: Bruno or Maika
Chinese: Yan He
Korean: SeeU (mainly because I have heard very little of Uni so I can't make an opinion of her)

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Apr 8, 2018
I think my favourites in each language are like this:

English: Dex
Japanese: Either Miku or Yukari
Korean: Uni
Spanish: Either Bruno or Maika
Chinese: Tianyi

Really wish there were more Vocaloids to choose from in each language (not counting Japanese because there's a lot of JPN Vocaloids), especially for Korean and Spanish. :/


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Apr 8, 2018
English: Fukase (I also like Oliver, Dex, Daina, Yohioloid, Leon, Lola, Miriam and the rest of the Engloids)
Japanese: Fukase (Yes, I purposely put Fukase twice.)
Korean: SeeU
Chinese: Moke
Spanish: Bruno


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Apr 8, 2018
This probably changes daily but right now it's:

Chinese - Longya (who knew :longya_lili:)
Japanese - Gakupo followed by sachiko
(This is seriously my favourite gakupo song)
English - Dex followed by Prima
Spanish - Maika
Korean - I... can't decide?
Next to the 2 Vocaloids there are also the Vocalinas and some nice korean utaus!


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Mar 6, 2018
This is a tough one but here it goes
Chinese: Startdust but Tianyi is a close second.(There is also Zing in there but she is not released yet)
Japanese: IA
English: Sonika
Korean: UNI


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Oct 22, 2018
It was really hard to pick for me, since they’re all pretty good...!

Chinese- Yanhe
Japanese- Flower (Kaai Yuki is a close 2nd)
English- Yohioloid
Korean- SeeU
Spanish- none
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Oct 8, 2019
Why not, sounds fun:

Japanese: Otomachi Una for sure but Ken is right behind her ngl
English: Those always fluctuate but currently it's Big Al and Macne Nana
Chinese: Yanhe
Korean: If I had to choose then SeeU
Spanish: Bruno


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Sep 11, 2019
Japanese: Meiko
English: Avanna (though I've yet to use her... orz)
Chinese: Haiyi (do SynthV vocals count? If I have to choose a Vocaloid, then Qingxian)
Korean: UNI
Spanish: Maika

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