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SynthV New Voicebank "Rosa" announced for SynthV and CeVio or AiVoice!


AKA missy20201 (Elliot)
Apr 8, 2018
Still, wow - Rosa's narrowly avoided being the first failed synth crowdfund. I still think how close it was sets a dangerous precedent for future crowdfunds and after Kotoe's, companies might want to hold off on them for a little while, but I'm still really glad that Rosa was able to reach the goal in the end.
Agreed @ the taking a break on kickstarters. Too many in a row (esp without a sample bank like in ROSA's case) will definitely start lacking in interest. Hopefully this was mostly just because there was less marketing for her though? 😅

It's pointless now since the campaign's over, but there was actually an English guide for how to pledge overseas (I wonder if this'll work for other JP-only campaigns, though? You'd need a Japanese address to ship to, but putting in Tenso information in the past on other JP-only things has worked for me).

I'm not sure if this was what you followed, but when I tried (and failed) to back Rikka's campaign way back, I got the same error you did orz. Apparently it just wants you to select the JCB/Amex/Diners Club option regardless of what kind of card you actually have, which seems to be the big thing.
Ahhh that may have been the case! I was selecting MasterCard... Thank you for this! I'll use it next time 👍


Staff member
Apr 6, 2018
The Lightning Strike
She sounds like she'll have a really fun voice. I definitely wouldn't call her mature though - which is a good thing, as I don't think a voice with a timbre like Meiko or Sachiko would fit a young teenage character. But she isn't as aggressively saccharine as a lot of the voices we've had recently, I'd describe her as 'cute with an edge'.

Although considering how many people in the community call mezzos 'deep' (Solaria), maybe the amount of super cute voices we have has just given us a different scale. :clara_ani_lili:
Sep 21, 2019
Omg wow--I love Shirayuki's voice!! She sounds lovely and I love her tone! Hopefully Rosa won't sound too different because I would gladly dump all my money into a voicebank with that tone!!
(Also that song is easily a new fave--I love the style of it a lot!)
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Hardcore Fan
Apr 11, 2018
Woaaaaah, I LOVE her singing ! =o Indeed, it'd be refreshing to have a bank like this, aka the perfect compromise between a slight tomboyish bold voice, and somehow cute and youthful (and it'd fit Rosa pretty well)
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Hardcore Fan
Apr 11, 2018
She sounds very cool and cute ! It's a pretty nice tone, even much more tomboyish than I thought (though hearing Shirayuki's talkign in her makeup tutorials gave me a first impression abotu how ROSa could end up like so it'd still be good to me)

The expressions are nice (and her tone works well for angsty lol)

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