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SynthV New Voicebank "Rosa" announced for SynthV and CeVio or AiVoice!


kiyoteru enthusiast
Staff member
Apr 8, 2018
Update post!

Production of Rosa's CeVIO AI Talk bank has been completed.

There's been a delay in creating the crowdfund reward merch, but they've all been finalized now and instead of being sent out this month, they'll be sent out mid-December. We'll probably be hearing Rosa very soon, then!

Some images from the post that I wanted to highlight (kinda big, so I'm putting them in a spoiler):



Give me Gackpoid AI or give me DEATH
Sep 11, 2019
She sounds so nice! I wonder if she'll be included in Internet's future sales alongside their Vocaloids... fat chance, since Megpoid and Una's Talk banks never go on sale, but it's a nice thought! Either way, I'm happy she's here!

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