Sooooooooooooo I have kind of left this thread to rot but any thoughts on Vol. 8 so far? I've not actually watched a single episode but I'm trying to keep up with it still by watching reviews and whatnot. So far, not impressed.

Watt's calling out Cinder was the highlight of the whole volume.


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Sep 12, 2019
This is unrelated, but did RT take down all the older volumes on YouTube?
I can't seem to find them any more


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Neo doing that was only a matter of time really. In regards to Cinder's backstory when I saw it, I just said 'Finally'. It gave us some background on her, but my big question during the whole thing during it is this: Why didn't the guy who was training her just...take her and flee the city? I highly doubt Cinder's stepmother was going to go through the trouble of hunting her down
The whole thing was rushed in my opinion just to satisfy fans. There were a lot of things that just... didn't make sense. I'm still hoping Cinder will die at some point, she is my least favourite character and I find NO redeeming qualities in her. I swear if they try to give her a redemption arc like they did Emerald, I'm going to riot.

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