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Voice Synth Sales Thread


Lonely kanon fan
Apr 11, 2018
That's old, it's been running since V5 came out. And honestly pretty average for a JP company discount, they're generally disappointing.


カイミク || Len English || Arsloid || V5/Piapro
Staff member
Apr 9, 2018
It's okay peaches, people do make mistakes here, you're not in trouble. :akasakiminato_lili:
It could be a good reminder for anyone that wants V5 and owns a V2-V4 Voicebank that they can use the deal if they like.


kiyoteru enthusiast
Staff member
Apr 8, 2018
From August 7 to September 7, AHS products will be 30% off to celebrate AHS' 15th anniversary.

All Voiceroids and Vocaloids are included -- V2s are not part of the sale, however. Yukari V3 also is not part of the sale, but Zunko V3 is as well as her V4 for some reason. There's also a few other stuff if anyone's interested in the not voice synth things.

Synthesizer V products are not part of the sale. Because they just released, haha.

Also, these are download versions only. Physical products are not part of the sale.

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