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Voice Synth Sales Thread


Vocal Synth Enthusiast
Aug 14, 2020
Sooo.. where are all of the black friday / cyber monday sales? Usually at this point we should have seen announcements by now.
I am guessing they either scrapped it completely, or are doing it all month like Walmart and the rest are doing, or possibly saving for the very last minute. I think a sale is going on right now at Zero-G, but it might be over by now.


vocal synth weirdo
Nov 2, 2020
Well Megpoid English download is on sale for 40% off now from jrrshop, not surprising at all given how often gumi goes on sale, but still.
I wasn't even aware of this site's existence, one interesting thing to note is that they apparently have Tonio V2 in his original physical box in stock. I think that to be something of an oddity considering how difficult it is to find boxed vocaloids pre V4 in 2020.

Still holding out for Yamaha to announce something though..
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