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Your favourite Racing Miku design?

Your favourite Racing Miku design?

  • 2010

    Votes: 5 23.8%
  • 2011

    Votes: 1 4.8%
  • 2012

    Votes: 3 14.3%
  • 2013

    Votes: 3 14.3%
  • 2014

    Votes: 3 14.3%
  • 2015

    Votes: 3 14.3%
  • 2016

    Votes: 8 38.1%
  • 2017

    Votes: 6 28.6%
  • 2018

    Votes: 2 9.5%

  • Total voters


Staff member
Apr 8, 2018
Decided to create this poll just for fun. Which official Racing Miku design is your favourite? Feel free to tell us why too.

Although Miku has been a mascot for the Goodsmile Racing team since 2008, the first official Racing Miku derivative didn't appear until 2010 and since then, a new design has been adopted each year.

You can vote for two choices. To keep it simple I've only included the main visuals (excluding thai/summer etc. derivatives).


Racing Miku 2010
Design & Illust. by redjuice

Racing Miku 2011
Design & Illust. by Murakami Yuichi

Racing Miku 2012
Design & Illust. by GAN

Racing Miku 2013
Design by Shimazaki Mari, Illust. by saitom

Racing Miku 2014
Design by Koyama Shigeto, Illust. by Oguchi

Racing Miku 2015
Illust. by Taiki, Directed by Koyama Shigeto

Racing Miku 2016
Illust. by Yoneyama Mai, Directed by Koyama Shigeto

Racing Miku 2017
Illust. by Tony, Directed by Koyama Shigeto

Racing Miku 2018
Illust. by Kanzaki Hiro, Directed by Koyama Shigeto

Image sources:

GSR公式アカウント (@goodsmileracing) on Twitter
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Apr 9, 2018
It's really hard to pick, but 2012, 2016, and 2018 are the most memorable for me (the others are cute, too, though). I ended up voting for the 2018 ver, because of the puff balls on her design are pretty unique and she looks like an RPG character, so I like it a lot. :miku_chickadee:


Aspiring ∞ Creator
Apr 8, 2018
Ooh, wow, I can only pick two? I like a lot of them....

I really like 2010 because she's actually dressed like a member of the pit crew, but I feel like a number of her proportions aren't quite right...though that may be an issue with my eyes or the art, rather than the design itself.

I kind of like her Append design, and 2011 is sort of a cross between that and the "pit crew" idea, so that one's cool. And 2013 is sort of like that, too, but a bit flashier.

2012 is just cool in a space-age sort of way....

Why does 2015 have a lance? Does the Goodsmile Racing Team have Ben-Hur-style chariot races with their race cars?

The bright colors on 2016 are awesome.

Mm, I'll go for 2013 and assume away the possible issues with the art and give 2010 a solid nod for the theme. If I took the issues into account, then 2013 and 2016.


crying over Rune Factory 5
Jul 5, 2018
I voted for 2014 and 2015, I always liked these designs a lot.
But my favorite Racing Miku design is a deriative lol. It's the 2013 Racing Miku Sepang Version. My god she looks so good with the tan skin, the heart buns and those cyber wings. I love her.

Blue Of Mind

The world that I do not know...
Apr 8, 2018
2017's my favourite! The art style leans more towards shoujo than the other designs, and the butterfly theme makes the design unique.


Staff member
Apr 8, 2018
I forgot to share my favourites, so here we go.

I too found it difficult to choose only two, since each design has it's own charm. All the designs are good and appealing in different ways.

In the end one was easy to choose; 2012 is my all time favourite, I like the futuristic vibe of Miku's costume. Also I find GAN's art style very appealing (and who could resist that cute winking expression of the main visual?)

My second choice was a tough one, but I ended up with 2017. The design is super cute and different. Also I like Tony's style.


In 2D hell
Apr 8, 2018
Probably 2012 and 2016 (I'm a sucker for rainbows), but 2013 is really high up there, too. Unlike with Snow Miku, which is super hit or miss for me, I like most of the racing Miku designs to some degree.


GigaP enthusiast
Aug 30, 2018
field of leeks probably
Ooooh tough...
2010...looking back at it its fairly simple
2011 looks great,and I remember getting in on the old PSP Project diva lol
2012 and 2013 and cool,but for some reason I get them mixed up?
Wasnt a fan of 2014 tbh ;~;
2015 is EPIC haha knight Miku
2016 is so colorful and cute gah-
2017 for some reason I didnt really like it when I first saw it and still feel kinda "meh" bout it?still really cute
and 2018 I love,shes just reeeaally cute.

Hmm..yea 2016 is my fav
I'm surprised that I'm the only one whos favorite is 2011. Why? Well, in my early Vocaloid days I discovered this costume first as the model of a fan PV by xtokashx for "ARiA" by tokuP, which is one of my all time favorite songs.
I also have its Goodsmile Premium Figure.

My second favorite is 2017 because I like Tony's art style and character designs a lot. I wish there was a pretty body pillow cover of this but the only one I found looks like a loli. Not my type.


Still misses Anri Rune
Apr 8, 2018
Oh, she's not on this poll, but 2020 has WON MY HEART as my new favorite. I know some people on this forum thought she was bland but what can I say, I LOVE IT! I preordered the nendo for her and I never usually preorder figures.

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