AHS/Dreamtonic's ai tts voicepeak


Jul 18, 2019
That's 99% a port of her voiceroid recordings I wonder if they will ever release it or if it is just a test to see what she would sound like to decide if they would like to a do a new full recording.

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Oct 8, 2019
if she were to become a thing I'm sure they'd record her properly, and not stick to alleged voiceroid recordings.

though, I think them, in combination with the voicepeak engine, sound charming, I wouldn't mind more voicepeaks sounding like this honestly.


Jul 18, 2019
yeah, it's not bad a little unnaturally flat but that is needed with voiceroid. She sounds super smooth in the voice peak engine tho a definite upgrade while keeping her close to her original. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if Kiritan got ported or came to Voice peak too with how big they are.


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Sep 10, 2020
HAHAHA frimomen's new form made me burst out into physical laughter. I've always liked the way he was voice acted, I think the voicepeak lib sounds awesome.

Zundamon's surprise "NO DA!" at the end of Zunko's ad combined with this image pushed me over the edge again.


Frimomen also comes with Zunko, the difference between the two being that Zundamon doesn't have a stand-alone.

Zunko, Frimomen, and Zundamon in a set... two 'meme characters' and an anime girl for a single price... hmmmm lolololol

Frimomen's reappearance alongside ASTERIAN's announcement makes me feel like ASTERIAN could be Frimomen's stand. Or maybe it's the other way around??? lol

EDIT: My boyfriend suggested a resemblance to someone (see above)
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