Favourite YouTubers?


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Mar 28, 2021
Not sure if this kind of thread has been posted anywhere, but I'd love to hear what YouTubers you guys watch! It can be within any subject, so long as they're an actual YouTuber and not that they only have a VEVO channel, for example.

I've been watching:

Jenny Nicholson
Have I ever had an interest in The Vampire Diaries? Not at all. Did I watch her 2.5 hour video about it? Absolutely. Her videos are so entertaining that my interest or knowledge of the subject doesn't really matter to me!

Sarah Z
While her content is kinda similar topic-wise, I feel that she covers more internet-focused stuff nowadays. Her personality is more energetic while Jennys is a bit more laid back (neither of which are better or worse imo), and they both provide something unique to the table!

He makes videos about programming and tech (mostly retro tech). I only have a sort of distant curiosity about those topics, so his easy to understand content is perfect for me!
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Sep 11, 2019
I love Let's Game It Out and GrayStillPlays! I subscribe to GSP's Legends channel, because honestly, he deserves it.

I also love the Welsh twins! I mostly watch James since I'm more into skincare than makeup, but Robert's videos are so much fun too, and when they do a video together, I drop everything to watch it.

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Dec 26, 2020
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I do have a lot...these are the ones at the top of my head

- Anthony Fantano
- Cinemassacre
- PewDiePie
- Filthy Frank
- Penguinz0
- Huggbees
- Nigahiga
- Videogamedunkey
- Poppy (I know she became a singer but her videos and also her music are good)
- Lessons in Meme Culture
- Honest (his videos are really informative)
- Tom Scott
- Diesel Patches
- D'Angelo Wallace
- Scott The Woz
- HowToBasic
- Markiplier
- JackSepticEye
- Surreal Entertainment
- Minnemi
- KneeCaps
- Scrimzox
- TheReportOfTheWeek
- SomeOrdinaryGamers
- The Right Opinion
- FitMC
- Anthony Padilla
- Timeworks
- Defunctland
- Vailskibum94
- Ashens
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Apr 8, 2018
I mostly just use youtube for ASMR these days uhh I really like Jacksfilms, Internet Comment Etiquette, LGR, Safiya Nygaard, Dunkey, and Jenny Nicholson.
But scrolling through my subs its like 90% asmr channels oh boy
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Oct 24, 2020
Jenny Nicholson? Sarah Z?? Osse has excellent taste! okay onto my favourites...

Philosophy Tube - Well, the topic is in the channel name! I find Abigail's videos to be thoroughly entertaining and the production is always a pleasure to see!

Caitlin Doughty/Ask A Mortician - Who knew death could be so fun? gfgdfgf

Summoning Salt - This guy covers videogame world records in long-form videos! I also... may or may not watch them to fall asleep to hehe
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Apr 8, 2018
I'm just gonna list the ones that are still regularly active (or are trying to post regularly again), because I'm subbed to a lot of channels that have either gone completely dead or post infrequently.

- Cinemassacre (well, Angry Video Game Nerd I guess, but still)
- Caddicarus
- Bennett the Sage (Anime Abandon)
- Todd in the Shadows (mainly just One Hit Wonderland and Trainwreckords these days, since I don't know or care enough about modern pop music anymore lol.)
- Ashens
- OneyPlays
- SpookyRice
- Videogamedunkey
- Azerzz
- Brad Mondo
- DJ Cummerbund (his mashups have ruined multiple songs for me! Let's just say you'll never hear Beyonce and Rammstein in the same way ever again).
- GradeAUnderA (posts infrequently now, but he's trying to come back)
- Internet Historian
- Matilda on Video (a beauty guru who avoids most of the common gimmicks/flaws of YT gurus today by going for a minimalist, ASMR aesthetic with her makeup and skincare vids).
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Apr 11, 2018
I used to watch random people doing Half-Life (and derivating mods) walkthroughs, then I did watch some for ASMr purposes (considering there have been beauty gurus whose I watched the tutorials only because it gave me ASMr and not really much out by interest in make-up etc) + Also enjoyed watching videos from Frédéric Molas aka Le Joueur du Grenier (he's kinda like the Angry Video Game Nerd) and I swear, up to this day, the video about Faces of Evil always makes me laugh to no end (especially that epic comment by Séb that is pure gold because I nearly choked laughing on it x'DDD )
Once I also followed a guy who made epic YTP (though there were a few bunch whose videos were as well-done and funny) but sadly I don't rememeber the name T^t It may goes back in my memory sooner or later

I barely follow much people anymore but lately I tend to keep an eye on Latte ASMR and CrunchyASMR (the first one is really nice and always sets up realistic scenery especially on those with particular themes, and the second is the only mukbang-like channel that doesn't make me sick looking at her eating -usually I don't stand much mukbang because between the calories count and the amount of food they gulp down, I'm more near puking than relaxing OTL- plus she has a soothing voice as well and I like her style too~) I also liked RRCherryPie's videos (they were probably the first ASMr-filled videos I've watched)

Then there was an abridged series about Saint Seiya that also made me laugh a while, but since msot of it was primarily posted on Dailymotion instead of YT, I cannot count that one (same with one of the HL walkthrough Youtubers )

Edit: Oh! and wait, there's also this music channel i've started to follow (not literally but still) who makes epic K-pop-esque songs, trying to imagine how would be a song "in the style of" and this one where I watched the tutorials about electro-swing and tropical house


(yeah it's that one Munch video that leaded me into creating this track that was supposed to be a training while following thos tutorial a little while ago -though I ruined it x'C)
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