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SynthV Haruno Sora for SynthesizerV and Voicepeak!


*Luna fan number one
Jul 30, 2022
I really like Sora's SynthV design. Yes there's a lot going on but there are both elements from her V4 and the Musical Isotopes and I'm kinda going for that. The pink also blends in suprisingly well with her peach-colored hair


Aspiring Fan
Apr 13, 2018
Ohhhh the demo from Toku-P is excellent. Can’t even remember the last time he’s done a Vocaloid song ever since forming Garnidelia!!

Still in love with her voice. My favourite SynthV vocal tied with Teto (and probably Kafu soon!!). Kikuko Inoue’s voice was done so much more justice than her V5 counterpart


Longtime Listener
Apr 8, 2018
I literally just noticed her pants/tights(/whatever they are) say "Seventeen" I'm 🤣

For some reason I'm uncharacteristically excited for her Voicepeak. I don't know why but honestly that was the demo that impressed me the most, even though I like her singing voice too sjklf


New Fan
Jun 24, 2021

It does always surprise me a little when more experienced VAs like this are happy to have TTS vbs released (like her voicepeak), and I feel like that says a lot about the importance of consent within the space of AI technology like this! Regardless of that, though, both voicebanks sound *really* good... with her and kafu coming out vaguely soon, I fear for my wallet <3


Dareka tasukete!
Apr 8, 2018
???, New York
Oh my god, she sounds amazing! She sounds close enough to her V5 vbs to be recognized as the same character, but definitely sounds a lot closer to her VA now. I’m gonna bet that she does really well(sakes wise) on Synth V.


Aspiring Fan
Dec 25, 2022
SV Sora is cute you guys are just mean/lh

In all seriousness, I am amazed they managed to snag tokuP for a demo... wow.
In any case she sounds pretty damn incredible!
Honestly her SV designs biggest problem is that the colors are a bit oversaturated, her official mmd model has a lot more subdued colors and makes the design work much better. (Also I love how she and Haru Cevio have matching poofy jackets. They should make a girl band together lol)


robot enjoyer
Sep 10, 2020
Haven't listened to all of the demos yet but I am OBSESSED... I repeat, obsessed, with the MV for なにがレトロブームじゃい. So freaking funny and perfect in so many ways. The VB is still blowing me away, I think it is fantastic.

I definitely think the design is supposed to be "AI Sora" the same way "AI Tianyi" and other similar designs have been pitched. I think it's fine, just not exactly to my taste the same way her V5 designs were not really my taste. The VOICEROID 2 design is still my favorite.


GalacOH no she didn't
Apr 9, 2018
I am just going to say it hee Synthv design is one of if not my favorite vocal synth designs ever lol I unironically love her outfit id wear it in a heart beat, it’s different than the default formula, her hair is so cute and the colors oml and the inside joke of her voice provider is featured front and center on her tights I am in love with this design

aru ii

Your Neighborhood Tianyi Enthusiast!
Feb 12, 2021
I do t have Sora ai, but from what I’ve seen she’s got the sam problem as Itako. She always sounds like she’s singing while smiling, so she isn’t really suited for quite a few songs out there, but she’s really good in her niche

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