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Hatsune Miku


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Apr 8, 2018

This fan club is dedicated to Crypton Future Media's leek-loving Vocaloid with the turquoise twintails: Hatsune Miku! The goal is to celebrate all things Hatsune Miku.

:miku_chickadee: Joining :miku_chickadee:
To join, make a post in this thread that
  1. Asks to join
  2. Contributes something--a favorite song, artwork, a statement about why you like Miku so much, or a response to something someone else has posted.
I'll add your name to the list of members in the OP and add you to the list of users in the Club Creations archive. Once you're a club member, you can feel free to add a Hatsune Miku FC userbar to your signature!

:miku_chickadee: Mikuration :miku_chickadee:

Featured Songs:

Featured Artwork:

:miku_chickadee: Mikurators :miku_chickadee:
Our featured music/art was chosen by Mikurators! Mikurators are Miku curators, club members who take turns deciding what Miku content is featured in the OP. So if you join, you may want to consider becoming one! To become a Mikurator, just PM or post with an @mention to the club's caretaker (currently @mobius017).

Mikuration Details:
Current Mikurators:

How Mikuration Works:
Currently, Mikurators are taking turns each month. When it's their turn to mikurate, a Mikurator selects the following to be featured right at the top of the OP:
  • One Miku song
  • One piece of Miku art
  • An optional third Miku-related item (an additional song, piece of art, or something else)
After choosing their items, Mikurators can add them to the appropriate Mikuration gallery. The site will notify the club's caretaker automatically so that he/she can update the OP.

A few tips and guidelines:
  • Please include the name of the work's creator in the title when adding an item to the album
  • Please add a tag to the new item indicating that you uploaded it. Tags start with "Mikuration-" and end with your username. For example, "Mikuration-mobius017".
  • You can choose anything in terms of content, but please keep it SFW
  • Please do not feature your own material (it must be something made by someone other than you)
Being a Mikurator is a great way to share some of the things you like most about Miku--your favorite songs, your favorite art, your favorite MMD videos, etc!

New Mikurators will have to wait until the current "round" of mikurating has completed before they will be entered into the queue to mikurate. The order in which the Mikurators take turns is based on when they requested to become Mikurators (reflected in the list of Mikurators in the OP).

All of the content that Mikurators choose to feature in the OP is recorded in the Featured Content archives!

Mikurators selected all of the content below to be featured in the OP!

:miku_chickadee: Club Creations :miku_chickadee:
Members of the Hatsune Miku fanclub can share their original works in the Club Creations archive! Just click the "Club Creations" link in the description under the gallery below and click the Add Media button.

  1. All content must feature Hatsune Miku in some way.
  2. All content must be your own original work, or a work on which you worked as a collaborator.
  3. Any kind of content supported by VVN albums is fair game.
  4. It's not recommended to use this area as the primary place for storing your work. Please keep a copy on your hard drive, host on a filesharing site and link to that from the new Club Creations item, etc.
  5. Any member may add an item to Club Creations, up to a limit of 2 items (of any kind) per month.
  6. No NSFW content.
  7. It goes without saying, but the rules for VVN, VVN fanclubs, and Crypton's terms for use of Hatsune Miku and her voice/image/etc. (These may not be exhaustive, but here are the terms for non-commercial use, for example.) apply.
  8. Crossposting is fine; that is, you're more than welcome to add an item to the album even if you've already posted it in another thread or album.

Club Creations Archive:

:miku_chickadee: More Info about Miku: Links, Artwork, and Purchasing Tips :miku_chickadee:
Hatsune Miku Links
(Official sites and social media, artwork, reference pages, and other cool/useful links)

Official Miku Artwork
V2 Official Art by KEI:

V2 Append Official Art by Masaki Asai:

V3 Official Art by iXima:

V3 English Official Art by Zain:

V4x Official Art by iXima:

V4 English Official Art by iXima:

V4 Chinese Official Art by Mamenomoto:

Purchasing Hatsune Miku
Where can you buy Hatsune Miku?
CFM's Official Product Pages:
Note that all are in Japanese
Hatsune Miku V2
Miku Append
Hatsune Miku V3
Hatsune Miku V3 Bundle (includes V3 and V3 English)
Hatsune Miku V4X
Hatsune Miku V4 English
Hatsune Miku V4X Bundle (includes V4X and V4 English)
Hatsune Miku V4 Chinese

V4 English and the V4X Bundle can also be purchased from Big Fish Audio:
These pages are in English
V4X Bundle on Big Fish Audio
V4 English on Big Fish Audio

If you are in Europe, you may prefer to purchase Miku from Best Service:
These pages are available in either German or English
V4X Bundle on Best Service
V4 English on Best Service (download only)

You can also purchase Miku on Amazon. Just search for your desired version (V2, Miku Append, V3 English, V4X, etc.).

Why are there so many versions of Hatsune Miku?
The original version of Hatsune Miku was released during the "V2" era, when Yamaha's Vocaloid Editor software was in its second iteration, so today that version is known as Miku V2. Still during the V2 era, Miku Append was released, a set of six additional Miku voicebanks (Soft, Solid, Sweet, Vivid, Light, and Dark) that expanded the range of possibilities for vocals with Miku. Then with each new iteration of Yamaha's Vocaloid Editor (Vocaloid 3, then Vocaloid 4), a new, updated version of Miku's original voicebank and the majority of her Append voicebanks was created: Miku V3, and then Miku V4X (the "X" stands for "expression" and refers to the E.V.E.C. functionality that CFM introduced for their V4 Vocaloids). Additionally, the V3 era saw the creation of an English-language voicebank for Miku, Miku V3 English, and in the V4 era we have seen not only Miku V4 English but also Miku V4 Chinese.

Which version of Hatsune Miku should you buy?
If you are completely new to Vocaloid, and you want Miku to be your first Vocaloid, I would recommend picking up either V4X (if you want only her JP voicebanks), or V4 English (if you want only her English voicebank), or the V4X Bundle (if you want both her JP voicebanks and her English voicebank), or V4 Chinese (if you want only her Chinese voicebank). These are the latest versions of Miku. Alternatively, you could get her V3 versions if you're strapped for cash, because at least on Amazon V3 Miku tends to be cheaper (you may also just prefer the sound of her V3s over her V4s). Either way, all of her V4 and V3 versions come with Piapro Studio, which is CFM's own Vocaloid editing software, essentially equivalent to Yamaha's Vocaloid 4 editor; they also come with free DAW software called Studio One, with which you can run Piapro Studio and also make instrumentals to accompany your Miku vocals. All of this means that you'll be able to use Miku right away without having to purchase any additional software!

For now, you can still purchase Miku's V2 voicebanks (her original voicebank and the Append voicebanks) and use them with the Vocaloid 4 Editor or Piapro Studio (but note that they won't come with Piapro Studio, so to use them you'll probably need to purchase the Vocaloid Editor separately). I would advise that you don't get Miku's V2 voicebanks unless you really, really want to have them.

:miku_chickadee: Club Members :miku_chickadee:

:miku_chickadee: Hatsune Miku FC Userbars :miku_chickadee:
Choose your favorite userbar and copy-paste the code into your signature. Here is where all of the userbars have been hosted.

Thank you so much Dessert>desert and Luke-kun from VO for creating these banners!














Additional userbars from @mobius017:



The club maintains a brief repository of Hatsune Miku original promotional/official art. Hatsune Miku, © Crypton Future Media, Inc. 2007, licensed under a CC BY-NC: Creative Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported — CC BY-NC 3.0.

The banners and several of the userbars created for the club feature adaptations of Hatsune Miku, © Crypton Future Media, Inc. 2007, licensed under a CC BY-NC: Creative Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported — CC BY-NC 3.0.

Our banner was made using official art by KEI for Crypton Future Media's Hatsune Miku V2, retrieved from https://ec.crypton.co.jp/img/special/vocaloid/img_MIKU_us.png
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First Sound Future

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Apr 8, 2018
I'd love to join because Miku is my #1 Vocaloid. I don't know what is it exactly that puts her on my number one spot, other than the fact that her voice somehow brings me nostalgia (and that I really enjoy listening to it) , especially songs like "Melody...". In my personal opinion, Miku fits songs like that the most because I headcanon her to be a somewhat mature kind of a person who learned a lot about herself and others due to her ability to travel through time/dimensions. It's somewhat of a difficult headcanon to explain but I enjoy coming up with stories about it haha. Anyway, the main reason why I would like to join this fanclub (other than Miku being my most favorite Vocaloid) is because I would love to be a part of a group that discusses Miku related things, such as fanart or songs. Although I'm somewhat of a lurker, I've been trying to post more, so I will try my best to post/reply here as much as I can. ^^

I hope this is good enough for a "request" to join this fanclub? o: I tried my best to keep it short and simple but also truthful. ^^


Apr 8, 2018
OK, I'm already getting the OP set up. Please offer suggestions for things to include in the OP, or to improve the look of it. I'm trying to keep it relatively tidy and unobtrusive.

It occurred to me that it'd be nice to have featured artwork in addition to a song, so please feel free to suggest something for the featured art (include the name of the artist and links to them).

I also though we might have both a featured original Miku song and a featured cover using Miku, so please offer suggestions for both!

First Sound Future and ZAR-PARTY, I've added you to the members list! I've brought back the old userbars from VO, so go ahead and add one to your signature!

Kagamine Rin, do you also want to be added? (Also, are you idoltrash69 from VO?) Please, everyone, if you want to join the club, you have to say so!
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RazzyRu (ラゼル)

Bless the Lord, O my Soul
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Apr 8, 2018
Hello, nice to meet you. I'd love to join the Hatsune Miku club! She's very adorable, and I love to draw and listen to her.

I will share with you my current Miku collection. This photo was taken around her 10th anniversary.
I own Hatsune Miku V2 and hope to create wonderful songs someday.

In the mean time, I will also share some songs I enjoy with Miku.
ZAR-PARTY shared a song by オカメP, one of his most recent, I really love that song too! I'll share another by オカメP, this is one of my favorites. Miku's Dark voicebank is both beautiful and captivating.


I will also share a recent song with Miku, by Eve. I enjoy Eve's style with Miku's voice as well.

アウトサイダー / 初音ミク

It may be evident I enjoy the rock/heavy genre with Hatsune Miku. Regardless of the genre, Miku is wonderful, and I love her very much! :miku_chickadee:
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Apr 8, 2018
Hi Hatsune-hakase! May I join?

I'll always be grateful to our favorite twin-tail for being the voice used by a lot of talented producers whose music got me through some difficult times almost a year ago. Because of her and the support I received there, I'm a Vocaloid fan today.

Plus, the fact that the music kicks *** sustains that interest, too. :)

I'll list some music by a very talented producer named Bernis that I just discovered. Here's his profile on YouTube: Bernis. He has a playlist with some of his Vocaloid stuff:

Very beautiful, relaxing stuff. You could fall asleep while listening and be pretty sure you would rest well (Which I dearly want to try sometime, but I do insist on burning the midnight oil. :) ).
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First Sound Future

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Apr 8, 2018
This isn't about a cover but I still wanted to share it because yesterday was a 10 year anniversary of one of my favorite Miku songs that is iconic for being very fast; The disappearance of Hatsune Miku by cosMo! It brings feels to people just like it brought back then so I'm glad cosMo celebrated by making a remake of it.


Apr 8, 2018
Thanks, ZAR-PARTY, I've made that our very first featured artwork.

Rayduxz, I've added you!

So glad to see many of you have already added userbars to your signatures!

A question: In an effort to make things tidy and not mess with people viewing this thread on smaller screens, I'm trying to put a lot of stuff, especially large images, always in spoiler tags. But some things are meant to be shown off, especially artwork, and it also would probably make the OP look prettier to have featured artwork on display rather than buried beneath spoiler tags. So, do you think it would be ok if I kept the featured artwork out, or would you rather I keep all large images in spoiler tags?


Apr 8, 2018
idoltrash69 and MikuHatsune, you've been added! Though @MikuHatsune , I should insist that your request include a contribution of some Miku-related content (I really should have asked this of @Rayduxz too).

I've been busy fussing over the OP...maybe I'm fussing a bit too much. But it's fun to fuss over this! I also really want the OP to set a nice tone for this club, and I especially want it to be helpful and informative for people who are relatively new to Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid fandom. I've most recently added resources on where to buy Miku and a little info about her different versions and some advice on which version to buy. If anyone cares to look over what I've provided, please do, and don't hesitate to offer comments, suggestions, and--especially--corrections in case I have anything wrong.

Edit to add: I'm already not satisfied with how the "Welcome to the Hatsune Miku Fan Club!" looks. It's probably just because I'm graphic-design challenged, but it makes me think that it would be awesome of someone here who is actually a good artist might be willing to make a simple but attractive Miku-themed title banner for the OP. Let's say there's now an open invitation to offer up something.
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