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Mar 25, 2018
Dreamtonics announced two in-progress vocals today; Yuma and Natalie.
Synthesizer V AI Yuma is a masculine Japanese database with a young, fresh texture and an androgynous voice.

Synthesizer V AI Natalie is a feminine English database with a soft and clear voice, but with rich expressions in the mid range. It is suitable for easy listening as well as musics with strong backing tracks such as EDM.
As of now there's no stated release date.

It's nice to finally hear some more EN and JP vocals from DT. I'm... definitely eyeing Natalie as a future purchase. Yuma isn't my kind of VB but they've got something about them that I really like so far as a listener, but I'll wait for demos of their final versions to make any final decisions. I definitely like seeing more in development 'teasers' like this instead of throwing the VBs into the wild with no build up of interest, too, and it gives something for people to look forward to on the VB side of development, since there's not much to do on the editor side except wait on a new beta or for a version to leave beta.

(Unrelated, but the amount of times already I've typed Natalie as Natalia is getting a bit silly, aha.)


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Jul 5, 2018
Oh my, Yuma has that kind of voice that I REALLY like. I might.. actually purchase him in the future when I have money.

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Apr 8, 2018
Did anyone else think VY2 got ported to SynthV when they saw the title? Lol.

When I first heard Yuma, I immediately thought he would be a likely future candidate as a "fangirl bait" VB. (If the first party SynthVs had traditional avatars, I could see him having a pretty boy popstar design.) Natalie isn't doing much for me right now, but I agree that she's almost like an English counterpart to Saki.
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Jul 14, 2018
glad to see some new banks coming that at least feel more different than that previous influx of male and female (mostly chn or jpn) voices that just all felt very similar with their intention. i was kinda expecting something different from Yuma with the description in the subtitles before the audio played and im not as into his voice as i hoped, but nonetheless glad to see a younger toned male voice finally. whether or not people like the young male voices like len, fukase, etc... i think its good to have them even if yuma isnt totally that kinda fandom bait boy lol.

im happy natalies' voice sounds mature/deep, im already kinda liking her as a counterpart to a voice like solaria. theres very few native english options and i feel like natalie can at least add to the diversity. the cross language options have always been nice to have mostly w the smaller selection of english voices but man, we really need some more. so im looking forward to her!
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Apr 8, 2018
VY2 in shambles rn
(But seriously, I call him Yuuma more often than VY2 just bc it feels weird to throw acronyms with numbers around when I'm talking about groups of synths with regular names. If I buy SV Yuma, things will get more confusing 😂)

I like them both so far! Yuma more than Natalie I think, but both are great! It's just that I already have Ellie, Anri, and Solaria, so idk if I'll buy another female English bank for a bit. I think Muxin, An Xiao, and Yuma are on my radar 🤔

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