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What does your username mean?

Jun 3, 2018
A coolio name I made up for one of my characters for a game I wanted to create(It's been 6 to 7 years since then, but I want to get back to it eventually) that has since been my nickname. (─‿‿─)

Sphinx - P

Staff member
Mar 6, 2018
Sorry, I know this is a thread for explaining what your username means, but I needed to respond to this...
A coolio name I made up for one of my characters for a game I wanted to create(It's been 6 to 7 years since then, but I want to get back to it eventually) that has since been my nickname. (─‿‿─)
I too have a character named Iris for a game I wanted to make/have had in mind for at least 7 years that I'll get to eventually.
She has white hair and red eyes, like whoever is in your icon. No, I'm not kidding or stealing the idea and can actually prove it with fanart someone did of her some years ago if you want to see. It's a crazy coincidence.

So now I guess I have to give my story for my username I guess...
but no, I'll let that be a mystery. It's only fitting for such a name afterall.


I love the spanish guy with the fedora
Jul 29, 2018
Voctro Labs' basement
You know that one show that is always in the back of your head but you can't remember its name??
When I was a kid I used to watch the show Space Ghost Coast to Coast and as I grew up I forgot about its name but a few clips from the show were in the back of my head. More than half a year ago I found out about it and I started to watch it again

The "152" on my username are just random numbers lol
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Now, bow to me!
Jul 31, 2018
New York
Mine is to appreciate my favorite sin. Lots of anime characters that I've taken a liking to exhibit this sin, as well as me getting launched into the vocaloid fandom with Daughter of Evil, so I thought of this nickname to honor that.


New Fan
Aug 10, 2018
(spoilered for length and possible rambling)
I still remember perfectly when and where I came up with my username... April 2013 in Japan, standing in line for a roller coaster at USJ. Good times ?

This was my first trip to Japan. It was Golden Week and waiting times were REALLY long, so to kill time I decided to think of online names to replace the weebish pseudonym I’d been using until then. And that’s what I did.

From the start I knew that I wanted my new name to have ‘101’ in it, because it was a number I liked. But of course I couldn’t use just that, I had to add something to it to make it ‘mine’. I sought inspiration from my then-favourite videogame, The Sims 3, and found it in an in-game object named ‘My First Bamboo Garden’. I tried joining ‘bamboo garden’ with the number 101 to see how it sounded and I liked it. And thus my username was born.

Useless fact time! During that wait I also came up with the name ‘GreenTeaWaffle101’, inspired by the fact that I’d recently tried a green tea waffle and I’d liked it. But in the end I stuck with BambooGarden101.
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Digital artist
Apr 8, 2018
My username came as a result of loving pink things, and peach soda!
And I couldn't just call myself "peach" because it was taken on every platform basically--
so I thought I'd drop an "oh" in front of it, like "Oh, heck!" But with a peach instead of a swear-! lol
just something cute and simple and pink! Three things I want to be--! lol


In Vocaloid hell since 2014
Nov 23, 2018
Somewhere in Spain
Zunko + Yukari = Zunkari

I literaly chose my producer name from an unpopular Vocaloid ship I liked like, a year ago. I don’t really care anymore about it, but I still like it aesthetically and stuff. I had lots of unpopular Vocaloid ships back in the day

I go by other aliases in other non Vocaloid related websites, but I’d rather keep those names private

(My old producer name “Kutsumi Kineko”, came from a variation of “Kurotsuno”, a character from Mogeko Castle. I didn’t even like the character that much, I just liked how it sounded and modified it a little. Kineko was originally “Nekomimi” bc the persona I created with this name had car eared headphones. Kineko was just a “cooler” variation, I guess?)


Lady of The Heavenly yard
Dec 18, 2018
Laeril is Sindarin (one of two Elvish languages that J.R.R. Tolkien created) for "singer."

Overcast Immortal

Budding producer
Dec 4, 2018
Overcast Immortal is also the name I use to put out music. I didn't want to use my real name for privacy reasons, plus it would have made me sound like a solo guitarist or something.

I chose Overcast as a reference to Portland, Oregon, where I'm from. It's very cloudy and gloomy here, and my music is also filled with gloom. The Immortal part is a reference to several of my chosen genres which are well known for having super long songs. In drone metal, a 5 minute song is short, a 15 minute song is average, and an hour-long song is far from unheard of. I haven't ever gone over 28 minutes, though.

Plus, Overcast Immortal sounds like a doom metal or post-rock act, which is accurate.


☐single ☐taken ☑mentally dating Kaito Shion
May 8, 2019
"Otaku" because I'm, well, an otaku.

"Kiarra" because it's the pseudonym I use for pretty much everything.
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New Fan
Jan 22, 2019
my username is "sanguinary vampire" shortened down, just because I think think vampires are neat! I also thought it was an original username when I came up with it, but I discovered right when I signed up to Twitter, SoundCloud and GitHub that it's not as original as I had thought. I didn't really want to change it though, and I don't think anyone else with the username has the same meaning behind it anyways

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