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  • a lot of people call NND the Japanese version of YouTube. although NND is a video sharing site like YouTube, i think the culture it has and the way the Japanese internet views it is more similar to Newgrounds. not sure why it gives me that vibe. probably because there was a Golden Era of it that was really intense and full of high-energy art and music, and how nowadays some consider it dead, while a less rowdy group of users sticks around.
    without being too specific, a lot of things about my life have been changing at once. vocaloid, music and vtubers have been the only constants. even though the internet is full of slimy stuff I think the amount of happy experiences it has caused is mind boggling. it makes me grateful to live in a world where so many talented people exist. they've saved a lot of lives.
    A little over a year ago everything in my life seemed to be turning to shit. Then at one point I was thinking: "Hey, you know what? Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid have actually been one of the few things that's remained something positive in my life for the last... wow, thirteen years." (Now fourteen!) So I have been basically using it as a metaphorical life raft for the time being.
    Cool realization I just had: red, blue and yellow are often called the Primary Colors but on computers they are magenta, cyan and yellow.

    Hm.... Where have i seen those colors before...

    (edit: artwork by Temari/手鞠)

    I wonder if kei had that in mind actually, giving them "artificial" colors on purpose to fit the image.
    for me, using a vocal synthesizer in certain styles of music can be more appealing to me than using an actual singer. i feel like the impersonal side of it can draw out certain emotions in the listener, like melancholy. of course, that also depends on how you tune the voice.
    all the whining about the Nintendo Direct being "underwhelming" affirms my belief that people set their expectations too high about pretty much everything. most especially about things that don't mean much in the long run:ring_ani_lili:

    in other news, i tried a new brand of cat food for my cat and he loves it a little too much. won't stop meowing at me, the little gremlin.
    it kinda bothers me how a lot of vocaloid fans are too caught up in the Vocaloid scene specifically to respect anything outside of it. like how whenever someone makes a eurobeat vocaloid song its called Samfree-style, even though eurobeat is a popular genre that has been around for 30 years. or how a lot of weebs from ten years ago used to always compare Hatsune Miku to random Western pop stars of a totally different vein (for some reason this one dude would comment what essentially boiled down to "miku good, meghan trainor bad" on every single vocaloid song lololol). Basically too many people who listen to Vocaloid solely because its not mainstream. The "i'm not like other girls" of music tastes if you ask me.
    Honestly? I haven't seen this mindset anywhere outside of YouTube and certain strains of VocaTwitter since like... 2013. Many, if not most fans nowadays respect it as a facet in a larger picture, enjoying it alongside more mainstream J-pop and K-pop and the likes, while the number of fans who enjoy it by merits of its software and production value grows with each passing year.

    Reading this was like stepping into the past: this was absolutely an issue when I was first active in the fandom, when Miku English had just been announced and everyone cheered that she'd overthrow American pop stars and people still called Kaito "Shion Kaito", but mercifully fans who still think like this are such a small part of this fandom anymore.
    Blue Of Mind
    Blue Of Mind
    I remember when much of the Western fandom would behave like this as well. A few people like that still exist on YT, but for the most part, I think the fandom has grown up a lot in the sense that more, if not most fans can respect non-Vocaloid artists and genres while still liking Vocaloid.
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