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  • Alright, so you can still download UTAU Teto post-SynthV release it seems. So "F2P" producers (or mostly-F2P producers such as myself) can still download some form of Teto if they want.

    I mean, we're getting Teto Lite anyway but still.
    i love avanna and her soft voice + overly enunciated consonants so much. it's like voicebank asmr haha

    i don't listen to dedicated asmr cause it can be like...weird i guess, but sometimes i get that feeling from watching like, fairly soft-spoken tutorials or something

    honestly i feel the same way about miku v3 eng. her consonants are so crisp and nice imo. especially those ending consonants
    Does anyone know of any free English character talk banks that aren't the cartoon deepfake ones?
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    aru ii
    aru ii
    The only payed English character tts that I know of are Maki English for Cevio ai and Kotonoha Akane and Aoi English for aivoice. There is also Neutalk, an English AI tts that’s made to bring the world of character tts voices to English audiences. I believe that you can create your own vb on neutalk and it’s free. I think you can also make a vb of your own on Uberduck and Tacotron but I’m not knowledgable enough about those 2
    Headcanon: AVANNA knows nature. She knows which animals to approach and which to avoid. She knows which fruits and berries are safe to eat and which are poisonous, and which plants can and can't be touched.

    Oliver? He don't care, he's probably eaten nightshade and been fine

    A camping trip with Avanna and Oliver would basically be Avanna trying to teach him to survive in the woods while Oliver makes the weirdest and dumbest decisions and somehow survives anyway. Eventually Avanna stops trying to stop him because she realizes this tiny boy is made of steel.
    Does it make me a weirdo that I like Miku for her voice and design rather than her popularity/iconic status/status as the "shaper" of Vocaloid?
    Ah, maybe it's mostly non-fans that seem to just talk about how she's iconic and shaped Vocaloid and not about her as a character or a vocal.
    No, I liked her because she had a cute voice, a cool appearance (it's funny how for all these years Miku had a sweet voice paired with a design where I sense a mischievous, nearly mature/serious tomboyish flair) and as Wynd said, her Solid rocks (also her actual Sweet bank IS very cutier than any cutie)

    For the Vocaloid icon it went second and even, despite having been there for nearly 15 years I feel like I wasn't much onto her icon status, but rather how I perceived her the very first times 4Ive met her on the Internet
    Same here! Though her popularity does mean she's gotten tons of good songs and other things.
    Which Vocaloids of each language are your favorite? For me:

    Japanese: Hatsune Miku
    English: AVANNA
    Chinese: Stardust
    Korean: UNI
    Spanish: MAIKA
    Which Vocaloid producers have your favorite tuning styles?

    For me, it's a mixture of realistic and unrealistic-but-pleasant styles:
    -ryo (supercell)
    -Mitchie M
    -Harumaki Gohan
    -Clean Tears
    -Old Deco*27 (not as big a fan of his newer style)
    -Dixie Flatline
    Tip for Talkloiding: Thinking noises. We all make them, but some people make them differently, according to the individual as well as the accent/dialect. So...

    -Several Vocaloids are American (Dex/Daina, Ruby, Cyber Diva/Songman, etc.), as well as most English SynthVs (excluding Maki, NineZero and XLS cases). The standard thinking noise in American English is "um"/"uh". [V m]/ [V]
    -Some Vocaloids are from England (Leon, Sonika, Oliver). An accent like Oliver's would probably use "er" [@], but I think Sonika's accent is more northern and she might use "eh" [e] similar to Avanna. (Also, I don't recommend trying to use [@] with Sonika, her [@] phoneme is very finnicky)
    -Avanna has an Irish accent, so her thinking noises are most likely "em" and "eh". [e m]/[e]
    -Sweet Ann and Ninezero have Australian accents, and I think Australians mainly use "uh" like Americans do.

    Other Languages:
    -In Japanese, "ee to" and "ano" (first and last syllable stretched repsectively) are standard. Japanese-accented vocaloids could technically say this in English, though I tend to have it that they learned to use English thinking sounds (usually "um"/"uh" because most JP-EN Vocaloids lean American).
    -For Mandarin I'm not sure. After a bit of searching I heard they often say "neige" which means "that" (and I guess would be the equivalent to the English use of "like"), but for a thinking sound I've heard they say "mmm".
    -In Spanish I think it's "e", "em" or "este" according to Wikipedia; I think I've also heard a "la la la" type of sound (I live in California so I've heard native Spanish speakers; it's just been a while), which I think is like an English speaker saying "I went to the, the, the theater last night" when trying to think of the word.
    -Apparently in Korean it's "eung", "eo" (similar to "uh" i guess), "geu", and "eum".

    I think it's a universal thing to extend the first letter of the next word as you're thinking of it on occasion: "So is that the sss...second one?"
    AddictiveCUL (Add)
    AddictiveCUL (Add)
    Omg, love it! Never thought about that, although I don't do talkloid that much. Another tip I also think people should consider is that we talk in more inconsistent pitch than when we sing, so varying the notes a little more can make huge impact on the speaking, specially for stressing syllables.
    And if one day you're bold enough to try out French mimicrying, just so you know we tend to say "euuuuh" (pronounced as the French E sound) or mmmmmm 😊
    @AddictiveCUL (Add) Yeah, that's true. It's good to think of the prosodies of different accents as well. I've been putting a lot of thought into Avanna's intonation for example. I think it wouldn't be super varied in pitch (which has been hard to get used to because I portray Miku's speech as VERY varied in pitch, and I myself have an American accent which is on the "pitchier" side), but in timing it'd have a "lilting" feel to it. I think Sonika has a bit of a Scouse accent, so for those who have her it might be fun to try giving her the iconic Scouse upward intonation...
    Tier list I did last night organizing the V1-V5 Engloids by accent for reference. For V6, I'd put Allen, Sarah and Po-uta in American, and I guess Haruka and Akito would go in Japanese if we're counting cross-lingual (Gumi's already there). IA's not there because her English voicebanks are in CeVIO, not Vocaloid.

    Lola's less "unsure" and more "apparently she's supposed to be British but a Caribbean accent comes out in some genres"

    Also, I've heard Big Al's voicer may be a PowerFX employee, but he's supposed to be American as a character so I kept him in that category.

    I've heard Sonika's supposed to be from around Liverpool, so I guess her accent is Scouse-ish? Oliver's definitely going for a London accent, and...I'm not sure about Leon, I don't hear him enough.

    Avanna's accent sounds like it's specifically from the Republic of Ireland, most likely somewhere in the Leinster province in the east. Not sure if it's specifically Dublin but it's got some Dublin-ish features. And yeah, that means no, she's not British. Maybe if she were from the North she'd count as a Brit but she's not. (Yeah, I put WAY too much research into this. But what can I say? It's actually pretty interesting if I do say so myself!)

    For Avanna...can't we just look up where Rachel Dey is from? Unless that info is hard to find.
    Uh, I dunno. I know her Twitter so I could try scrounging it...
    OK, I looked up all the ROI counties aside from Donegal with her twitter handle in the search, and she's mentioned Dublin more than anything (and really she hasn't mentioned most of them at all) so I'll just assume she's from there; I excluded the Northern counties because she's definitely not from Northern Ireland. But yeah, I guess that would mean Avanna has a Dublin accent?

    (I finally have answers...)
    I didn't use to be quite as fond of Avanna as I am now, but even still, I still remember the panic I felt with that buggy Piapro Studio update that locked Avanna out of the editor (and this was before I reset my computer so Tiny V3 wouldn't work)...
    When it comes to Talkloids, I've been too focused on trying to make conversations and dialogue work, when a monologue would still be a Talkloid. I've done monologues with Miku but I dunno if I've ever made a Talkloid with just Avanna. (All my Talkloids are private-ish just-for-fun things as of now though (I haven't made a video-worthy Talkloid quite yet), but some of them you could probably find in Discord servers I've been in.)
    Running gag that Miku can't pronounce the names of Avanna's Irish friends?

    "So anyway, Avanna and her friend Sow Ears-"

    "It's Saoirse..." ("ser-shuh" or "seer-shuh")
    Anyone else in the "Few Commercial Vocalsynths" club? Because there are people that show off their entire collections, people who have one, and (probably the majority) people who have none, but is there anyone here like me that just has a couple/few?

    Like I've said, my roster is Miku and Avanna, though I've used several free options as well (though I haven't posted the examples publicly).
    The only commercial synths I own atm are Koharu Rikka and soon Teto SynthV (I also have Mai but I am not sure she counts, given her vb comes free for pro users)
    I have a big vb hoarding problem when it comes to UTAU, but with commercial synths, since they don't exactly go cheap I am a bit more picky as to which ones I actually end up buying (even thought I do have a lengthy wishlist).
    Miku and Luka gang here.
    I guess Avanna could fill the role of Luka for the Engloids, being the soft elegant one? :/ So in that case our rosters could be considered similar-ish haha
    So I just found out Avanna has a mic bump sound within her phonemes, specifically if you put S and D together ([S d D] is a fix)

    Also, it gets higher or lower depending on where you place it, on the REALLY high notes it sounds like a beep

    So Sonika has her Skype noise (and many other noises), and Avanna has her mic bump noise. But I guess no Vocaloid is perfect haha
    So it seems like you can still download UTAU Teto, at least as of now.
    Having two Vocaloids can especially be fun when they're two very different Vocaloids. Like, having Luka and Kaito is one thing, having Otomachi Una and Tonio is another haha

    I'm saying this as a Miku and Avanna owner
    My headcanon personality for Avanna is turning into "18-year-old grandma" and I'm absolutely loving it.

    Miku and Avanna both kinda act older than their age, but Miku's more of a precocious "kid genius" while Avanna is kind of an old soul.
    i just realized something cursed: the v2-and-up zero-g loids could be easily compared to the cryptonloids

    meiko and kaito: prima and tonio (male and female counterparts with a warm and cool color scheme respectively, released 2 years apart, the male then the female)
    hatsune miku: sonika (female teenage singer meant for pop, with a slender build, pale skin, and green (or teal) hair tied up somehow; cute high-pitched voice; cheerful and energetic vibe)
    kagamine rin and len: dex and daina (male and female counterparts released simultaneously, with bright and energetic voices suitable for pop and electronic genres)
    megurine luka: avanna (warm, soft, ladylike female vocal; long, wavy hair with bangs that frame the face a bit; curvy body type; fairly similar character age (luka's 20, avanna's 18); luka's v4x ver. even wears a strapless dress like avanna)

    this doesn't work NEARLY as well for the powerfx loids. i think it's more of a coincidence than anything else, though sonika was probably inspired by miku's popularity (some of avanna's beta designs weren't quite as luka-esque as the final product, which may have partly been a result of all of yamaha's requests)
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