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  • Headcanon: When Avanna met the other Zero-Gs she was absolutely mortified hearing of Tonio's martini habits.

    Sonika: But Tonio refused to swim, because he doesn't trust non-martini-based liquids!
    Avanna, turning pale: Are...are ye not concerned? His poor liver...
    Sonika: I hadn't thought of that...
    Prima: I've been trying to get him to drink more water for the sake of his vocal health...
    Avanna: *Laughs nervously* Ehm, I'm not sure vocal health's the main concern here. I don't want to imagine his future, like...how he looks so well-put-together is anyone's guess.
    (Tonio, shouting from the distance: SHE'S EXAGGERATING!)

    basically she has the tendency to be kind of innocent and gullible despite her otherwise caring and mature ways
    Discovered the singer Linda Ronstadt and realized some photos of her look a lot like AVANNA

    And now I'm wondering if Avanna was based on her at all or if it's just a coincidence
    According to the Vocaloid Wiki entry, Avanna originally had shorter hair and Zero-G forced Aki to give her black hair. I think that Avanna was also going to be curvier like Aki's irl sister, but the post about it doesn't exist anymore, so I can't confirm. She was also supposed to be an elf but Yamaha didn't like that.
    I'm talking specifically about her current hairstyle, as some images of Linda Ronstadt have a hairstyle very similar to Avanna's final one. Probably a coincidence. Avanna kinda has 70s hair lol

    And Aki usually draws Avanna with elf ears + on the curvier side these days (preferred size is 5'6" and 156 pounds). It's her anime-style artwork that looks slimmer; her standing image and the other Western-style art has a bit more meat on her bones. She's actually the Vocaloid with the highest BMI (25.2) but I dunno how much that says when most female Vocaloids have a BMI under 20 (the only other one with an above-20 BMI is Western-design SONiKA)

    I don't generally see art from her artist of short-haired Avanna though. Maybe in the end she liked the long hair better? (It does look more unique and have a better silhouette; the short hair is cute but looks simpler and less unique IMO.)

    The post about Avanna's IRL inspirations is still on Aki's Facebook actually (and if you go to Avanna's Facebook page you'll see it in her mentioned images). Her body type is based on Aki's sister and her face is based on Aki's friend (coincidentally she also resembles her voice provider in facial structure somewhat; she would've looked even more like her VP if they'd stuck to the short hair).

    I just colored in an Avanna sketch with auburn hair and green eyes out of curiosity and it didn't look too bad. I wouldn't go as far as to say we were ROBBED though, as the black hair and blue eyes are a beautiful and very Irish combination.
    asterian lite is out and i'm already brainstorming his personality and dynamic with the other lite synthvs

    i think he'd be very cool, calm and collected, with a gentlemanly demeanor, and he's solaria's partner and much-needed anchor, as solaria has rash and temperamental tendencies.

    eleanor and anri have a similar dynamic, with anri being more cheerful and excitable while eleanor is more serious and level-headed.

    oh, and there's maki, who's very friendly and energetic and boisterous. (go go gyungyun! :P)
    Hey, how old do you guys think Eleanor Forte would be? I was thinking somewhere in the "young adult" range, like in her early 20s?
    Which Vocaloids were your age when you bought them, if any?

    Miku is 16 and I was 17 (almost 18) when I bought her, so she was younger than me already

    Avanna is 18 and I bought her on my 18th birthday, which is kind of a fun coincidence looking back

    Sonika is 17 and I bought her on my 19th birthday (and then gave her away a few months later), so that's another nope

    GUMI doesn't have a canon age other than "teens" and I bought her English voicebank the day after my 20th birthday, so in that case I can't really be her age (My headcanon age for her is usually 17 though)
    I guess it'd be TONIO if using the Taiwan age and not the headcanon (or Prima with my headcanon age, though maybe i'd be younger than her)

    Though in Taiwan age, he's 27-28 and back in 2016 I was 22

    Perhaps Bruno and Clara could be closer to my age when I bought them, though they have no age and my headcanon may vary from 24-25 up to 35-36... Yeah, them and TONIO could be the closest

    Anyway, SONiKA, galaco and Miku don't match since I'm not 16-17 (nor I was but not when i bought them)

    And unless Fuiro was pictured as being near 30, I doubt so because she has no official age listed and I'd picture her somewhere in 25-27 age range
    I think the closest for me is I got Luka (20) when I was 19 and Anri (21) when I was 20. However, now I'm 21 and will be getting Anri Arcane at launch so maybe that counts XD
    I also got Sonika (17) when I was 18 but like just before I turned 19.
    Oh, neat! So far the most literal case is me getting the 18-year-old Avanna on my 18th birthday.
    Almost made a Talkloid where Avanna makes a phone call in a British accent, realized sticking with the Irish accent just feels so much better

    It would be kind of funny to have a Talkloid where Avanna is trying to be British but lets some Irishisms slip though, similar to how the Talkloid where I had her speak with an American accent involved her being confused on the question intonation, almost saying "em" instead of "um" and then ending the call by almost saying "grand" but changing it to "great" as a save (as americans don't really use "grand" the same way irish people do...i almost wish we did, it's such a grand lil word)

    So basically I guess the headcanon is that she can technically do some other accents but she's kinda bad with staying perfectly in character
    something interesting i noticed: i tested my vocaloids on the famous mariah carey high note and

    -with avanna, it sounded REALLY high for her, she definitely loses clarity at that height
    -with miku it sounded pretty clear
    -gumi didn't actually sound half bad, though it still sounded a lil high for her

    and also i don't wanna destroy my ears so it's probably best i don't do this a bunch

    but it's pretty clear that avanna's no soprano

    (though it's also abundantly clear that miku's no alto. just try making her sing low)
    headcanon: oliver and avanna are good friends and they bond over plants and creatures, and also oliver sometimes picks up irishisms from avanna and then comes home confusing the rest of the pfx family

    in avanna's case the zero-g family is already partly british so she's already had exposure to some of the things oliver says (she could probably generally ask leon or sonika or someone about anything that confuses her)
    i feel like the fact that avanna's accent is clearly irish but leans toward a soft "posh" dialect really fits her design, which is clearly celtic-based but has sort of a refined femininity to it (as well as her soft tone of voice of course)

    and aki said she hadn't even heard avanna's voice until the design was done and yet they fit to each other so well
    I wrote a backstory for Avanna for a roleplay involving her being raised by an elf and a human, so she has both some old-fashioned tendencies and a love for nature AND can actually be pretty comfortable in civilization, and she can speak English and Irish (Irish with a very Anglicized accent due to...technical limitations lol, but still). I mean, she is a "pop and Celtic" vocal, so she's both traditional and modern in a way. (Also, her headcanon father is possibly from south Dublin, so that's where she gets her accent.)

    So my headcanons involving her being abysmal with technology and unable to drive can probably go, though she probably wouldn't be quite as good with tech as tech whiz Gumi. Dunno about Miku, though it would be funny if she was great with futuristic tech but the more old-fashioned stuff boggles her brain- to the point she might actually have to get Avanna to help her.
    Her father taught her more intellectual and modern-life-related stuff while her mother taught her music and art and nature-related things, and they both taught her things like morals and manners.
    She eventually left her parents to live more on her own but I can imagine her still visiting them in the scenario that they're still alive.

    But yeah, she's kind of a "double agent" comfortable in both modern civilization and her beloved forests and old-fashioned establishments, just like how she's meant for both modern and traditional music.
    Checked the height of Gumi's MMD model with a height chart stage and apparently she's about 164cm/5'4.5"

    definitely taller than i thought

    though the chart might actually be giving heights a little taller than it should
    I wonder how much better native English Vocaloids would be if they had some allophonic phonemes pertaining to their accents, e.g. AVANNA having the slit fricative/Irish soft T

    They started doing this for US English with D/D/R and CYBER SONGMAN, Chris and Amy got some too though
    With the below status relating to Sanrio, which Sanrio characters do you think would fit which Vocaloids?

    Miku: Cinnamoroll (of course :P), or Hello Kitty (though Kitty's already associated with Iroha, I just think her personality would fit)
    Avanna: My Melody (from a magical forest? kind-hearted? wears a cape? she's perfect)
    Gumi: Pochacco (I kinda see her being the sporty and energetic one of the three)
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