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  • What are some words the Vocaloid English dictionary handles really weird? Here are some I've found:

    Battle, battles: [bh { t l], [bh { t l z] (all one syllable)

    Sloth: [s l @U T] (update: this is apparently correct in british english so never mind. same thing as "again" being [V] [g eI n] I guess)
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    its hard for me too remember some specific words (dont used vocaloid english too much these days), i find @ and V to have issues in a number of words. of course they are supposed to be similar, but i find at times a voice may not actually get either sound totally right! tbh a lot of A related sounds in general can have phonemes that dont sound right with some words
    Vocaloid dictionary is weird for some words
    Like Our being 2 syllables
    how old were you when your vocaloids, and their specific voicebanks you have, came out?

    i was...

    4 when miku was first released, just turned 10 when her v3 english version came out, and 13 when miku v4x came out

    5 when gumi was released, and 9 when gumi english came out

    i was 9 when avanna released

    miku v4x is the only one i was there to see come out, as i became a vocaloid fan at 11/almost 12
    once again, some fans are quick to jump on new vocal bandwagons but like

    hatsune miku is so much fun to tune and getting her to sound good is SO satisfying
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    I've never had the experience to tune Miku, but I've heard she is the easiest one to tune. So I can imagine as someone who also have an outdated vb as his favorite voicebank how liberating it must feel to tune something that just fits easily with anything you throw at it XD
    really getting a better grasp on avanna's accent and finding her very fun to tune for talkloids (and to put in little hints of accent when she's singing as well!)

    i'd like to thank zero-g for making an irish-english vocaloid, i really appreciate it. (and she's one of the higher quality engloids too!)

    everyone's talking about the latest releases and i'm just like, "single-release engloid from 2012 :kanon_lili:"
    for those who don't use imperial, avanna's concept height is about 168cm and her concept weight is about 71kg. (5'6" and 156lbs in imperial)

    going by concept, she's the third-tallest female vocaloid (after qingxian and yanhe) as well as the overall heaviest of the girls, which might make her the largest? (though qingxian and yanhe both lack official weights)

    (i'm american, thank goodness for conversion calculators)
    I love the idea of Fanloids but I don't tend to really like how they sound tbh, just being edited versions of the original voice.

    Like Akita Neru's old voice being pitched-up Miku, when Harumaki Gohan pitches Miku up anyway and she's still Miku. Yowane Haku is Miku pitched-down, guess how "Hated by Life Itself" sounds? Is that Haku? Nope, Miku.
    gosh, sometimes it's hard to think about what to do for (vocaloid) talkloids

    note bending is easier to control and makes use of the vocaloid's recorded pitches making for greater realism and less tendency toward an unnatural tone, but it can also kinda mess up pronunciation and possibly not be quite as clear as a consequence.

    pitch bending leaves the pronunciation more untouched and allows for more freedom with the lines, but less use of the recorded pitches can often lead to unnatural tones (especially if you use pitch bend entirely with all the words on one note) and it's harder to control this method (especially in editors before V4 when there wasn't live pitch rendering).

    either way i'm gaining one advantage but sacrificing another. i could try doing both, but i feel like that's harder with speech than it is with singing.
    it's honestly fun thinking about how the vocaloids/vocal synths with stronger dialects would talk

    i have avanna and i didn't grow up speaking irish english so my command of her dialect probably won't be PERFECT, but i'm learning things, and it's a lot of fun imagining how she'd talk and the things she'd say. and not everyone does this- i see fans often just have her speak slightly more polite than the other vocaloids or something

    i see her being very polite but also being a bit more prone to irishisms, haha (not the vulgar ones- she's too sweet for that and i'm a christian so i don't do that stuff anyway. just the stuff i can fittingly write into her dialogue while still having her sound...avanna-like.)

    my other two vocaloids are non-natives from japan, but i have some (lite) synthvs that are american and i already know quite a bit about american english from...living there...so...
    Let's see, what's the first Vocaloid/vocal synth of every English accent? (Other vocal synths mainly if there's no Vocaloid for that accent)

    England: LEON (VOCALOID1) (Sonika (V2) gets a mention for being the first and only Northern-accented one)
    United States: BIG AL (VOCALOID2, possibly affected/voice-acted), CYBER DIVA (VOCALOID4, native)
    Ireland: AVANNA (VOCALOID3)
    South Africa: MIRIAM (VOCALOID1)
    Australia: Sweet ANN (VOCALOID2)
    Caribbean: LOLA (VOCALOID1)
    Sweden: YOHIOloid (VOCALOID3)
    Japan: Megurine Luka (VOCALOID2)
    China: Uhh, someone help me out here (my first thought is Qingsu (SynthV Studio) after cross-lingual was introduced, but I dunno if there was one before her?)
    Korea: Lica (VOX Factory)- funny how she beat SeeU and Uni to it and it's been YEARS since their English versions were proposed

    Counting extra phonemes:
    Spain: MAIKA (VOCALOID3)
    Korea: SeeU (VOCALOID3)
    Heard Colab banned RVC, so I guess non-coders who want to use/train models could still use kits?

    Update: It has a time limit apparently, but hey, it's something!
    you've heard of "gumi's last name is megpoid" but i present to you:

    her middle name is "from"
    what are some "probably tried to cut their own hair" vocal synths other than gumi and chis-a
    haruno sora lite review: i honestly think she's really charming and i love how she has kind of a "happy" or "smiling" tone going on. and hey, another vocaloid gets a free version (along with zunko's neutrino)!

    i guess she could be considered fairly similar in range to saki ai, but saki has more of a serious sound to her voice while sora sounds more warm and chipper

    and hey, lites tend to be pretty slow to churn out so it's nice to get another one
    Bathroom thought: Which Vocaloids should you never give coffee?
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