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Ryleigh Goldner
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  • Updated my speculation thread's entry on Clifford

    - Added Cliff's most iconic quote.
    - Fixed formatting

    I'm so obtuse I forgot it ever existed. Or it's probably because I haven't re-read the comic for so long.

    For those curious, it's:
    "It's not a big deal. Don't worry about it"
    If TOKYO6 ENTERTAINMENT creates a male character (in a similar style to Rikka, Karin, and Chifuyu) and then surprise-releases him, I will keel over and give him red Fanta as an offering for the next week /s

    Probably won't happen, but oh well
    Is crinacle the cillia/kyaami of IEMs? Or am I just tripping?

    Crinacle: tunes IEMs, is a very prominent tuner in the community, has done collaborations with IEM manufacturers
    Cillia: tunes vocal synths, is a very prominent tuner in the community, has done collaborations with VOCA producers

    Both have a similar reputation in their respective communities

    Yes, I'm aware they're not the same processes. It's just that the idea's somewhat similar—to me, anyway
    ...Has anybody seen Ice Spice's pinned Tweet?
    How has she and her team not noticed the community notes yet?

    I found out about this when I scrolled through some major record labels' Twitter

    A summary of the community notes for those who don't want to look it up
    It's basically "FBI, OPEN UP!"

    And also because AUDIOLOGIE follows her on Twitter, so that's why I clicked
    And yes, I follow AUDIOLOGIE
    Will probably unfollow soon, though
    If anybody wants me to omit necronatural's thread about xuu (it's not great), please let me know
    It's in my reply with Memu's tweet linked
    im kinda iffy on their thread bc some things they are saying are like, really harsh paraphrases of otherwise neutral things. tbh it might be worth retracting unless someone connects it properly to everything else. also no clue where all their claims about this hate from xuu to kiki comes from as no history of it has been mentioned or backed at this point?
    Ryleigh Goldner
    Ryleigh Goldner

    Also, a mod merged and edited two of my threads replies
    Why hadn't I thought of that?

    Replies, not threads, goddamnit, Ryleigh.
    (Reposted from my 'If Your Favorite Fictional Characters Were Voiced by Vocal Synths, Who Would They Be? thread with minor edits, for visibility [and also because I want some theories and discussions about it].
    If it's redundant and unnecessary, I'll take it down)

    Sometimes I like to think that Vooron's Grypwolf would be voiced by Haruno Sora (Synthesizer V).
    Even though he (possibly) identifies as male and can't speak a single word.
    Not even gender parameter-adjusted Sora, I mean like stock Haruno Sora.
    I know it makes no sense.

    Please feel free to give out theories as to why this is because I can't even explain it myself.
    Voices aren't as easily binary as people would have you believe honestly. I had a Lyft driver who was a cis dude and he said he gets called "ma'am" all the time on the phone. Also Tina and Linda Belcher's VAs are cis dudes and they "pass" as "feminine" imo:teto_lili:
    Ryleigh Goldner
    Ryleigh Goldner
    @Twillby I honestly doubted myself because I (personally) don't think Gry is that graceful compared to Sora
    I think it was this piece that made me associate him with Sora (or was it this?)
    Two things I wanted to announce before going offline until 11 PM. I don't think anybody really wants to hear this, but I don't particularly care for Twitter, and I'm currently taking a break from it

    One, I just subscribed to @AmazingStrange39 's YouTube channel. Keep doing what you're doing, keisouP!
    Two, I just checked out the NovelAI subreddit a moment ago—it's still mostly filled with AI-generated images and not a lot of text generation (which was NovelAI's original purpose). Disappointing. Although I don't really care what happens to NovelAI or Kurumuz and his team anymore

    That's about it. See ya!
    Quick audio engineering tip (which no one asked for):
    If you ever see Waves giving away one of their plugins as part of a promotion—don't be afraid to snatch them up before the promotion ends
    Waves plugins aren't worth buying (in my opinion) because of their upgrade plan (which costs more than the plugins themselves), their inability to catch up to their competitors, and their business practices.
    And also, Waves' prices are a lie since they're always on perpetual sale, and are merely just bait.

    That being said, their plugins aren't bad—it's just that there's a lot more competition in the space (from companies with better business practices) now. Spend your hard-earned money on something like Plugin Alliance, Solid State Logic, Pulsar, sonible, Fabfilter, MeldaProduction, etc., and you'll be happy with your purchase.

    Or better yet, Analog Obsession makes some killer plugins for free (you can support them on their Patreon) and/or just use your DAW's stock plugins until you know what you're doing.

    Also, you don't have to pick up Waves plugins if you don't want to...which would be better since you're saving yourself from the hassles of Waves.

    None of the entities mentioned have contacted me for endorsements in any way, shape, or form.
    I'm back!
    I made my new thread 'my_fanmade_packaging_artwork_and_other_visual_nonsense.rar' just this morning (in my time zone) before going to renew my ID card and then sleeping after that
    It's for my fanmade album covers, booklets, (hopefully) some fanmade 3D works (if I have the space on my drives for Blender and UE5), and PVs (if I have the space for Kdenlive or DaVinci Resolve)
    All of these are related to works using vocal synths
    I felt like (IMO) the title wasn't straightforward enough, so I want to explain it in a profile post

    I want to improve my composition and editing skills
    I think I just overstepped some (very likely many) boundaries on Twitter and got blocked (I can be very overwhelming)
    Since now I have no way to contact them, how do I make it up to them, exactly?
    I know what I did wrong, and I want to make it up to them
    And I don't exactly know who can or will vouch for me

    Constructive (or brutally honest) advice would be appreciated
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    Ryleigh Goldner
    Ryleigh Goldner
    @Chuchu Thank you, Chuchu.
    They're an artist who draws transformation art, and I deeply respect their work.
    They even took my ideas and suggestions to heart, even if them and I were strangers to each other.
    You don't make it up to them, you leave them alone. Being blocked is them making a decision to no longer have contact. So attempting to go around the clear boundary they just set will only make them more upset. All you can do is learn from it and move on.
    Ryleigh Goldner
    Ryleigh Goldner
    You know, 2016 me would've dismissed those words, but looking at it now in 2023, I agree with it and understand where it's coming from
    Crazy how people change and/or grow over time
    Hey! Just so you guys know, I'm going out to renew my ID card tomorrow, so I won't be available to answer any questions or participate in threads
    And also, the AirPods Pros aren't with me anymore (gramps took them with him)—let's hope they return to their rightful owner(s)

    See you on the 24th of September
    Currently wearing someone's lost AirPods Pros right now
    These AirPods were found a few days ago
    The owner never came back to get them
    And now I'm sitting here waiting for something to happen
    I didn't even find these
    My gramps did
    Him and I don't know where the owner of the AirPods are
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    Are they loose earbuds or are they in the case? The case has a tracker, so if it's charged and near an iPhone at some point, the location will be reported to the owner.

    Also, if they have enabled Lost Mode, opening the case near an iPhone will cause the contact details to appear on screen.
    Ryleigh Goldner
    Ryleigh Goldner
    1. In the case
    2. I think it has Find My enabled, but my cousin told me not to worry
    'if they want to come find it, let them come find it,' he said
    3. About Lost Mode, I don't know and haven't tried yet
    The reason I created the 'If Your Favorite Fictional Characters Were Voiced by Vocal Synths, Who Would They Be?' thread was because of these reasons:

    One, I saw a commenter with a Rin profile pic in the Wilde Life comments section (approximately around pages 1100+)
    Two, I daydreamed about fanmade VOCALOID song PVs featuring Oscar and Cliff while listening to Okame-P's and Dasu's music
    And finally, I needed to get the idea out of my head—and I wanted to see what other similar speculations you guys have

    Anyhow—it's 5:17 AM here and I need a shower,
    Signing off (from making posts) for now!
    I can't decide a title for my speculation thread 'If Your Favorite Fictional Characters Were Voiced by Vocal Synths, Who Would They Be?' so which one is better?

    If Your Favorite Fictional Characters Were Voiced by Vocal Synths, Who Would They Be?.rar
    If Your Favorite Fictional Characters Were Voiced by Vocal Synths, Who Would They Be?
    If Your Favorite Fictional Characters (in Comics and Manga) Were Voiced by Vocal Synths, Who Would They Be?
    If Your Favorite Fictional Characters (in Comics and Manga) Were Voiced by Vocal Synths (Also for Fanmade Songs), Who Would They Be?

    Any constructive criticism would be welcome
    Hey! Just wanted to notify you guys that iZotope's RX Elements and Pulsar Audio's W495 are free for a limited time only

    Here's what the plugins regularly retail at:
    RX Elements: 99.00 USD
    W495: 49.00 EUR

    What exactly are these plugins? Well:
    RX Elements: a distilled version of iZotope's RX 10 (Standard and Advanced) audio repair suite
    W495: an emulation of Neumann's W495 musical three-band equalizer

    Where you can get them:
    RX Elements (KVR Audio): https://www.kvraudio.com/giveaways/get-izotope-rx-elements-free-win-a-copy-of-native-instruments-komplete-14-ultimate-ce-62
    W495 (Pulsar Audio): Pulsar w495 - An accurate emulation of the Neumann w495 3-band EQ

    RX Elements and W495 are free until September 30th and October 31st.

    Courtesy of KVR Audio:
    "[...] But wait, there's more... you'll also be in the running for chance to grab a Native Instruments Komplete 14 Ultimate Collectors Edition. Synths, drums, effects, and sounds galore – this bundle is your golden ticket to sonic greatness. [...]"

    I am not affiliated with KVR Audio, Native Instruments, iZotope, and Pulsar Audio
    They have not contacted me for sponsorship in any way, shape, or form
    Felt like uploading an example of my tuning of Koharu Rikka
    Constructive criticism would be appreciated



    Song used:
    Kanata Lab - LONG HAIR GOODBYE feat. Hatsune Miku
    YouTube link: • 【Vocaleamo】LONG HAIR GOODBYE【Miku Hat...
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    Ryleigh Goldner
    Ryleigh Goldner
    Back in 2022, I messed around with Rikka's gender parameter and got this
    Liked the result, so I kept it
    My family members (except for one) actually preferred this configuration over stock Rikka
    AddictiveCUL (Add)
    AddictiveCUL (Add)
    I think it's pretty good, but I felt like there are some weird pacing problem. Like the rests aren't as smooth as it should be.
    Ryleigh Goldner
    Ryleigh Goldner
    There weren't any project files of 'LONG HAIR GOODBYE' available online, so I downloaded the instrumental ZIP file in the original's description, if only just to listen to the instrumentals for fun
    The ZIP file didn't just come with the instrumental, though—included were the original song, the karaoke, and the stems. And there were also the MIDI files for the vocals, so I used that
    The 'tsumu' in the 'tsumuida' part sounds off because I couldn't figure out how long/short the 'tsu' and 'mu' needed to be (the 'tsumu' was one long note in the lead vocal's MIDI file)
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