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SynthV AUDIOLOGIE english Synthesizer V JUN


Dareka tasukete!
Apr 8, 2018
???, New York
He is just what I’ve been waiting for in an English masculine vb for years! Between him/Asterian/Kevin, Synth V has given the community what we’ve been asking for in masculine vocal synths for so long.(not including some of the others because they aren’t native English vbs and I’m not a fan of 9Z’s voice)
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Legally Pipp Petals

The typo queen
Oct 8, 2019
I think fondly of Jun, but I'd personally like to hear little more variety in the demos, it's been dominantly soulful and sultry-style stuff which has left positive impact on me as that's a style I lean towards the most ( and to be Anri's duet partner I think it's important for him to be capable of such sound as that's Anri's style too, and so far I think the two compliment each other very nicely ), I especially like the chest vocal mode, however, based on the very 1st demo he seems to be capable of more bright and energetic sound too and I would like to hear that explored some more.

I look forward to more demos!

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