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Miku Expo 2024 North America


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May 7, 2021
Miku Expo is back as an irl event, returning to North America in spring 2024.

Vancouver, BC: April 4th
Portland, OR: April 6th
San Jose, CA April 8th & 9th
Phoenix, AZ: April 14th
Denver, CO: April 22nd
Dallas, TX: April 25th
Austin, TX: April 27th
Atlanta, GA: April 30th
Orlando, FL: May 2nd
Washington DC: May 5th
Newark, NJ: May 7th
Boston, MA: May 9th
Detroit, MI: May 12th
Chicago, IL: May 14th
Toronto, ON: May 16th
Mexico City, DF: May 21st
Yes, I'll be going to the May 5th one. Anything against tripods? I think I'll film from the second floor. Post it on the interwebs afterwards maybe.
Er, what kind of prices are you guys seeing? I'm seeing like $600, $800, even $1000 some places? They definitely weren't that high in 2020; then again, they're all these Official Platinum/similar things, which are supposedly seats maintained/sold by Ticketmaster and are priced based on "current market value"....

Granted, some of those are for two seats. But to get them, you seem to be required to buy two seats.

IIRC, even the VIP tickets were $140-ish in 2020, though my memory's fuzzy. And I want to think a regular ticket was about $70?

Not pleased with how the new system is taking advantage of our girl here. Tickets in Japan for Mirai aren't anywhere near that much, AFAIK. So this would seem to be a Ticketmaster thing. (I haven't seen the Crunchyroll presale prices.)

Unless I'm misunderstanding something, which is totally possible.
I signed up for crunchyroll premium this one time just so I could get the tickets. It ended up being $110 for a seat the moment the presale happened. (found the cheapest seat out there, I saw the general admissions were $200 at time of pre-sale). I'm completely inexperienced on how previous miku expo's were so I didn't know if these were reasonable prices.
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Sep 10, 2020
It was my intention to go (my initial plans were quashed by COVID). However, the presale code apparently leaked and by the time standard tickets were available, the price had inflated to 200 dollars and I believe that continued to climb. Devastated that what could have been a broadly great return to form for the event was tarnished by bad actors. Maybe next year.


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May 7, 2021
There was apparently an issue of some sort in the data, so it isn't available now, but will be available after it's corrected.
The issue still not fixed yet 😅
01/16/2024 still to be announced...
UPDATE: 01/17/2024 it's there!
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Mar 6, 2022
And Purple Disco Machine! Nice.

It looks like this point of speculation was correct:

I'm surprised Los Angeles is not schedule. Which gives speculation that Miku might play Coachella. With Coachella's radius clause which prohibits artist from performing in Southern California over a six month period (December-May), hence LA not being on the schedule. Also, given the long breaks between San Jose, Phoenix and Denver in the schedule. Logistically that gives time to perform at the event. Hope that's the case. We'll have confirmation of the artist line-up in January.


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Apr 8, 2018
I was supposed to see Miku in 2020 (stil use my Miku expo 2020 bag to go grocery shopping) and I would love to see her now that shes FINALLY returned but she's also not coming anywhere near my city (closest is to go to Coachella lmao) so I'll be missing out this year siiiiiiigh. I hope this expo does phenomenally well so she visits more cities in the future.

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