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Oct 19, 2018
Do the merchandise have to be licensed by the company? I'm confused with the policy by 1st Place cause IA is being used on a Forever 21 shirt labelled "Anime girl" but it's not pointed out the character is a vocaloid.

Does this count as a vocaloid merchandise?



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Apr 9, 2018
(Does that mean were getting a ZERO bank?)
I hope so! I wonder if they end up using Zero for English if they would also remake her Chinese voice with Zero? (Can't remember the details to their plan very well.) Unless the Zero figure's just a "the gang's all here" type of thing.


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Apr 8, 2018
For anyone interested, Tokyo Otaku Mode is offering $10 coupons that take effect when purchasing $50 or more of Vocaloid-related stuff.

People who use the coupon will also be entered to randomly win 1 of possibly 3 Hatsune Miku: Harvest Moon Ver. 1/8 Scale Figures. The number of figures given away increases depending on the number of Twitter/Facebook retweets/shares (The Tweet/text to share are provided in the link above.).

This is a bit late, as the campaign runs through Jun. 27, but if you're interested, have a look! Or, if you just want to look at the pictures of all the gorgeous figures, that's fine, too :) .
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Apr 8, 2018
It always amazes me that you can get things like figures out of claw machines in Japan (Whereas in the US, at least, I think the best prizes are things like plush toys.). And the fact that those figures apparently don't get beat up when they get picked up/drop out of the claw machine, too.


May 13, 2018
Stylish Energy Rin and Len are ready for pre-order!
Release date May 2020 (Buuut they might delayed)

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