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VOCALOID Vsinger voicebank updates


AKA missy20201 (Elliot)
Apr 8, 2018
I wonder what the characters on those banners behind her mean? (they probably just spell her name but lol)
I believe you're right. I have trouble deciphering this kind of "cursive" Chinese, but it looks to me like just the hanzi for her given/first name (绫 ) with the radical and the rest of the character split up on either side of the shawl/scarf!


Staff member
Apr 6, 2018
The Lightning Strike

I noticed their newest designs hadn't been posted in this thread!

Personally, I love the flower motif they gave Tianyi, I think it's one of my favourite designs for her yet. Still not huge on Yan He's jacket, but culottes really suit her. Ling's is a bit busy, but overall very fun. Migi's twitter thread also has reference sheets and comparisons to previous iterations.

Another piece of good news: the company appears to mention V5 when posting these, which suggests ACE isn't replacing their updates!


AKA missy20201 (Elliot)
Apr 8, 2018
I had honestly expected these to be cancelled, so it was a pleasant surprise to see this morning! Here are my very biased opinions on them. I'm looking at the side-by-sides.

I think Tianyi's update design is pretty neat! The new design has brighter colors, so it's just personal preference if that's better or worse (I like either version). I actually do kind of miss the tops of the old sleeves that had a nice drape to them, and how her old socks/tights/boots?? had a neat kind of point to them, but overall I think the new version is nice. The flower pattern on the dress shape is really cool. I would consider this a side-grade design. It's not better, but it's also not worse. They're both good.

I like Ling's a lot. The old design always felt too plain to me, to suit Ling's more spunky character. This one has some really cool mismatch style stuff going on, and her boots got the pointed design that Tianyi's lost (LOL). I wasn't a fan of the puffy sleeves and delicate shoes, so the simpler sleeves and chunkier shoes are nice to me. Also that she has an actual tie now instead of the... uh, ribbons? Never liked those, good riddance. Ling's is a definite upgrade.

...Yanhe, my love. I adored her old design when it was revealed, and when I heard they were all being reworked I was afraid I wouldn't like the new one. There are still aspects I like about it, but I'm definitely disappointed. They took her sneakers and gave her daintier shoes. The ribbon on the scroll was slapped onto her leg (a callback to V3 I'm sure, but I didn't care for it then either. Just looks like a tripping hazard). The shorts were given more flair and made high-waisted. And the jacket was made shorter and partially see-through. Also, the sleeve cutouts were either made longer or more defined, which is just an odd choice to me. Lastly, making her eyelashes white to match her hair just makes her eyes lose definition in general. I dislike this all. All around a downgrade.

tl;dr IMO, Tianyi is nice, Ling is great, and Yanhe is downright disappointing. I promise that's the last I'll say on the topic so you won't see me going around spreading unneeded negativity, which I know is an irritating point that vsynth fans have when new stuff comes out 💀
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v flower enthusiast
Jul 14, 2018
Yanhe was one of the group that ive always liked, and man i just dont know about that design change. its subtle of a change enough for me to say its not like, horrible. but the first one was fine, and its such a subtle change i really have to ask "why?". as with the above comments, i dont like it either. its looks quite "flat" in some way i dont know how to describe. i liked the texture and volume to her original jacket. i would really just take the first design with the scroll since the scroll is a fun callback to her previous design- but otherwise i just am looking at this wondering again.... why.

its interesting to see a company so willingly alter their designs, when i look at it and feel like there was hardly enough change to even warrant it in the end. i can see they were going for designs that felt more in line with their old vocaloid designs (yanhe and ling having more 'tech-y' looks to their outfits) but these just feel so... weirdly cobbled together- even if i kind of like ling and tianyi's (i like ling the most). regardless. not the worst they could be, but i wish they just remained the way they were on the first attempt.


Dareka tasukete!
Apr 8, 2018
???, New York
Tianyi’s design is gorgeous! It’s really heartening to see that they’re still alive. I was starting to think that we wouldn’t see anything more about them.
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robot enjoyer
Sep 10, 2020
I love Tianyi's final design. Ling's I don't have strong feelings towards, but it's nice!

Personally, I actually love YANHE's new design and think it's pretty much perfect. YANHE was already visually distinct from the rest of the vsinger characters and already had that more streamlined, high-contrast look that these designs have. I think the original 'chunky' design, while unique and eye-catching, was overdesigned in ways it really did not need to be as a result. The huge ruffle on the coat, for instance, the extra random waves on the bottom, etc. The big shoes were fun but the new shoes really aren't too different at all, sans the thinner soles and again the lack of the huge ruffle. They added some transparency and brought the look in general more in line with what I think of when I think YANHE. It's no more or less feminine than the previous design-- it just comes off as more refined to me. Just my personal taste, maybe.

I did kinda like the cat-ear look of the old headset but it might've been a bit too on the nose hahahah.

Anyway, I'm really glad this is what we landed on!
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AKA missy20201 (Elliot)
Apr 8, 2018
A very cute design! I think it's a lovely update while still a callback to her iconic traits.
(this was @ the Ace design. the anniversary art is cute too!)
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Passionate Fan
Apr 13, 2018
So happy to see ideolo doing official Tianyi art again! I’ve always loved their work on the original Vsinger releases. Their Tianyi ACE design looks really good.

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