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What Anime are you watching Right now or Planning on Watching?


local obsessive magical girl fan
Jul 11, 2018
New York, NY
currently in the middle of heartcatch precure and it's super good! theres some other stuff on my watching list on MAL but i dont really count it since its just stuff im too lazy to move to the never going to finish on hold list


Avanna's #1 Fan
Staff member
Apr 8, 2018
Finally started watching Boruto! Been trying to find the time to forever now, and I’m really enjoying it.


Passionate Fan
Apr 16, 2018
Eastern USA
Finnally making another post here:sachiko_lili:
I did finish with HataSai last season, but i didn't finish the other two i mentioned.
This season, ill be watching Honda-san, Zombieland, Voice of Fox, UzaMaid, and casually watching Anima Yell and Spyce.
Im also watching Angels of Death rn.


Avanna's #1 Fan
Staff member
Apr 8, 2018
I started watching Classroom of the Elite after like forever of putting it off. It’s a short one so hoping to get to whatever my next anime will be soon. Also still keeping up with watching Boruto


Devout Mikuist
Apr 25, 2018
I started watching Zombieland because I kept seeing it mentioned here. Very entertaining but just one wtf moment after another hahaha


I don't know what I'm doing
Apr 8, 2018
What I am currently watching this season is
Zombieland Saga (the guy is so loud...), Honda-san (I probably can't enjoy it the fullest because I don't work in such a job but it still has it's funny moments for me, mainly the english customer ones),
Radiant but I only watch it because the source isn't japanese (if that makes sense),
Ace Attorney S2 but I am so behind because idk it still just doesn't work and I couldn't manage to watch episode 1 with the
Amnesia god I hate my strong 2nd hand emberassment in media
Rerided but the execution of the Story is terrible, like idk how good/bad the story concept is yet but the execution of it defenitely is bad, I might drop it :/
I watched episode 1 of as ms Beelzebub likes but idk if I will keep at it.
I think there were 1-2 more things I wanted watch but we will see.


(screams eternally)
Apr 8, 2018
hopping in the conversation! i admittedly haven't watched too much anime in the past year, but i recently finished banana fish. currently i'm watching the new season of mob psycho 100 and sailor moon s, and i'm considering catching back up with haikyuu, too.

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