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  • currently covering My Heart Will Go On with Eleanor Forte. Tuning is actually really satisfying once you get in the Zone.
    about to go to a beach. luckily its a small town beach, so i shouldn't be getting in close quarters with anyone. i'm super excited!! :chika_ani_lili:
    taking a walk through my town at dusk while listening to old Vocaloid music was an emotional experience. Walking past places where little me would play with my friends, at a time where we would be out roasting marshmallows, while listening to music younger me would listen to... it's incredibly nostalgic!
    I recently found this really upbeat mashup of a bunch of classic Vocaloid songs from throughout the years! Give it a listen:
    me: i'm not a weeb anymore.

    touhou doujin music: :)

    me: ...well, s**t
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    i've never listened to touhou doujin i don't think but this post still feels like a callout to me and my closet jrock obsession 🤭 shshsh
    all my favorite electronic/mainstream producers are french, all my favorite vocaloid producers are japanese, most of my favorite vocaloids are english...

    Scarlet Illusion
    Scarlet Illusion
    Isn’t it funny how that works?? I guess that just goes to show how diverse music is. It’s cool that so many people around the world make music in different languages. :mirai_ani_lili:
    Hey, makes sense to me! French electronic music goes back a long way, after all. By the way, have any recommendations for electronic music producers?
    I sure do! It depends on what genre you’re into, but here are some of my personal favorites:

    Odesza: An atmospheric electronic duo from the USA. They mix vocal chops with oriental/orchestral sounds in their production, which makes their music really therapeutic and unique. It’s great to listen to on road trips. My favorite song by them is probably “I Play You Listen”.

    glue70: A retro-inspired dance producer from Britain. He’s a good listen especially if you’re a fan of genres like synthwave or lofi. His most famous song, “casin”, was featured in a meme from a few years back, which is probably why he became famous. He has other good songs too though, especially “Days Go On” and “Til You Say”.

    Air: The oldest act on this list. They were one of the first groups that i know to use both electronic and acoustic elements together in their music. My favorite song by them is “Cherry Blossom Girl”. If you’re into downtempo, or cinematic vibes, give them a lesson (they’re also french, go figure :kyo_ani_lili:)

    CAPSULE: Another older group, back from the golden age of electro house. It’s made up of vocalist Toshiko Koshijima and producer/DJ Yasutaka Nakata, who’d later go on to produce for the famous group Perfume. They were one of the first japanese electro-pop groups and set the stereotypical “jpop sound” in motion. They’ve since broke up, but Nakata still makes music fairly often on his own. I think their music is essential to listen to if you’ve ever been into either EDM or Jpop.

    there are a lot more artists that i like, but these four are all from different genres/backgrounds, so you’re bound to like at least some of their songs!
    ever have a song that you physically can't stop listening to for hours and hours on end?
    I once listened to an entire Wagner opera. It was hours and hours long and I couldn't stop listening. But that was only because it was a school assignment and I wanted a good grade.
    Ok ok. So. You know how a lot of vocaloid songs are about things like depression or not feeling satisfied with yourself and all that? And how a good amount of them are satirical/incredibly sarcastic? (Looking at you, PinnochioP.) I think too many Vocaloid fans, especially younger ones, listen to those songs and don't realize that it's satire, and then start adapting the philosophy in the song ironically... am i the only one that thinks this is a big problem?
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