1. YOYo_MAMA

    【IA English C】Alive Again【Original Song】

    The mmd was made by Kakaiya Kakaiya's Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtAd... The background was made by MedleyAlmanac MedleyAlmanac's Twitter: https://twitter.com/MedleyAlmanac He even made a an impressive fanart of the song
  2. uncreepy

    Resource How to make a death growl in CeVIO

    Step 1) Have your notes prepared in NOR/Edit Score mode: Step 2) Switch to PIT/Edit Pitch mode to see the green pitch bends: Step 3) Select the Eraser Tool. While holding down "Shift", click and drag from left to right to turn the green pitch white (indicating death growl is active). Step...
  3. uncreepy

    Summary of upcoming projects & controversies for all active vocal synthesizers

    Thread inspired by this tweet: AITalk: The engine behind things like VOICEROID and GynoidTalk, it was announced in September that it is getting a deep-learning update, which will be available in April 2020. Its features include a more human/natural pronunciation and the ability to switch...
  4. Aia

    Flanger Moose ft. IA English C - Surrender

  5. peaches2217

    CeVIO Trial Help?

    I downloaded the CeVIO trial earlier today in the middle of an intense discussion on Germanic verb classes forgivemeDoctorCarlson , but I've got an issue: it won't open. The setup runs smoothly, the icon is installed on the desktop, but when I go to open it, I get this message- -and then it...
  6. uncreepy

    Deep-learning-based CeVIO further in development

    tl;dr CeVIO's updated engine that uses deep learning has DAW integration, balances quality/render time better than before (went from taking 10 hours for a 5 min song to now running on a laptop), will probably be called "NeoCeVIO", and the vocals appear to be getting Neo names (ex: "Neo Sasara")...
  7. YOYo_MAMA

    My Funny Valentine - IA

  8. uncreepy

    CeVIO's deep-learning-based vocal synth coming "soon" + buy Satou Sasara 50% off code until end of Feb.

    DTM Station wrote an article called "Just a bit left before AI singing synthesis!? With 6 years of huge progress and becoming CeVIO Creative Studio 6. CeVIO Song & Talk Starter (Satou Sasara) is about half price until the end of February for 5,538円 ($49.96)" that I've partially translated. I...
  9. Ulysses

    New singing synthesis demo from CeVIO developer Techno-Speech

    Reproducing high-quality singing voice Techno-Speech - the company which developed CeVIO - released a new article to show how their singing synthesis engine (i.e. CeVIO SVSS engine) sounds like after update (I guess the update is from HMM to DNN). There are 2 Japanese demo (by Sato Sasara), 2...
  10. 夜明けの車窓 (CeVIO Yoko Cover)

    夜明けの車窓 (CeVIO Yoko Cover)

    Title: Train window at dawn Original: by collt([email protected]), Singer: Fuga Koto (UTAU) Oniko Ver: by [email protected], Singer: Hinomoto Oniko (UTAU) CeVIO Ver: by Ulysses, Singer: Yoko (CeVIO)
  11. Mei-Saime

    BiliBili Micro Link VR 2017 Performance Video

    Heyo! For those who wanted to see the enitre performance of last year's BiliBili Micro Link VR Concert, they have uploaded the entire concert on BiliBili for all to watch! VOCALOIDS include the VSinger cast, IA, Xingchen, the CeVio ONE, Miss Monochrome, Yan Xi of the Chinese Synth MUTA, and...
  12. Pup-p

    CeVIO Amino

  13. hanafie

    Can't install CeVIO

    i can't seem to install cevio at all it complains about some dll that i don't know heres the error: thanks~
  14. xuu

    Tutorial How and where to buy CeVIO libraries

    Welcome to this resource on how and where to buy CeVIO libraries and the engine itself. It's best to start with the "Where?" than the "How?" since the process is different depending on what you use. Where to buy CeVIO There are two official ways to purchase both CeVIO Creative Studio and the...
  15. xuu

    CeVIO Discussion Thread

    Welcome to the CeVIO discussion thread. This thread is for general discussion of CeVIO, updates to the software, as well as a compilation of CeVIO-related news and useful links for new and experienced users alike. Enjoy your time! Recent News 2018/03/28 IA/04 -STAR- is released, including the...