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CeVIO Bang Dream x Cevio AI Collab


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Apr 22, 2019
Is the obnoxiously loud music masking the artificial and choppy sound of CeVIO's engine? Probably, but it doesn't do it very well anyway haha.
CeVIO's engine is trying really hard to morph Rose's beautiful tone and clear pronunciation. It's a shame, but good mixing can hide a lot of it. I wish she was smoother, but I like that her voice provider's singing style is able to be preserved by CeVIO.

EDIT: Now that they have been released, it's time for the most skilled users to try them out.

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I was just about to report that they dropped like 2-3 days early XD
I could have sworn the announcement said they were due out the 23rd, but here they are!

On that note, I haven't heard much uses of them yet, but the solfege on the CeVIO Wiki for both are indeed noisier than I was expecting.

Edit: Although, that Six Trillion Years and Overnight cover sounds great!
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Apr 6, 2018
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Rose is definitely one of those voices I'm going to love listening to, but have no desire to work with. She sounds great in the mix, but pretty rough around the edges by default. Just not quite reaching the quality standard I'd feel is worth the price. I hope she does well regardless, she's one of my fave CeVIO's so far in terms of voicetype.


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Apr 13, 2018
Still really impressed by how closely they made them resemble both Kasumi and Yukina’s voices. Cevio’s artificial sound may not be to everyone’s taste but it kind of avoids these from crossing the uncanny valley territory for me and that’s why I don’t mind it haha, like Rose in particular has me gagged the most with how much she sounds like Aiba Aina while consistently sounding good!!

Definitely looking into getting both at some point after Christmas perhaps


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Sep 11, 2019
Okay, I've been spending the evening working with Rose, and can I just say: she's easily the most HQ vocal I've worked with in CeVIO. She holds pitch super well, she lacks a lot of the classic CeVIO noise, she responds super well to edits, and her forte dynamics and upper registers are just... my God, they're LOVELY. I'm extremely satisfied, and honestly she's making me consider getting Popy too, because she's just such a pleasure to work with.

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