New VOCALOID Mirai Komachi distributed by YAMAHA


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Apr 9, 2018
She doesn't have a Rin-esque voice in this video I heard just now (in my humble opinion, at least):

(It's literally a song about the duty of a metronome to go left and right and that she unfortunately transformed into one and wants to eat people food.)

I tried to look on Japanese Google for Mirai's name, but there was literally no news or pictures about her until yesterday. So either Bandai Namco didn't have a name for her and she was just an in-company mascot for... PowerPoint presentations or something, or they whipped up her name/image just for the release? But it doesn't make sense for her to be just a voice, so I feel like she would've had to have existed (design at least) before they decided to share her with the world. Maybe only people like shareholders or people who went to some kind of tech conventions of some sort would've seen her before. There's no way to know, I guess.


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Apr 9, 2018
I changed the original link. Does it work now?

To get to the actual filing page, you have to click the link under 'その他 '
It works now, thank you, it's very interesting.

It seems the potential uses for her are related to technology and games. Mobile games, video games, toys, amusement parts (maybe Namco Namja Town?), slot machines, musical performances...

[Day available to the public] 5-22-18
[(Trademark) bulletin classification] Open to the public trademark bulletin
[Application day] 4-27-18
So I guess them releasing her out of the blue wasn't that out of the blue. I don't know how trademark stuff works, but this sounds like the classification is for public use, is there a private use equivalent (if they had used her within the company before)? They filed for public trademark April 27th Japan time, got approved on May 22nd Japan time, then released her Vocaloid on the 23rd (our time) which I think is the 24th Japan time (due to timestamps on news articles about her in Japanese). Thanks for sharing your find.

Edit: What I don't understand is why is this only 1 page (starting with item number 9).


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Apr 6, 2018
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The mystery of Komachi's torso is revealed! I don't mind her having a similar base outfit to Gumi, I think with over 80 designs there's only so much you can do with skirt/shorts/coat shapes before you start getting repeating silhouettes. I do appreciate that she isn't another short skirt/thigh high/cut-off sleeves gal.
Her design isn't my favourite, but I like the restrained use of colour and flow of the overlapping shapes.
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Apr 8, 2018
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I actually really like her voice now that I'm hearing covers of her. I just wish Yamaha hadn't released her so sloppily, I feel like it's what she's going to be known for.
I agree! It actually falls more on Bandai this time since they made and are marketing her, but they did it in a very Yamaha way lol. Which is weird bc Bandai to my knowledge is actually pretty good at marketing? I wish Bandai at the very least gave her some demos, I think that would've been forgivable for the lack of marketing and stuff. It seems they're going doing things out of order and will be doing some post release marketing so hopefully they catch up on her soon!


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Apr 8, 2018
She's really nice looking and fitting in with the Bandai Namco look, but even with the information about her being used.. inside the company? I still can't imagine what they made a vocaloid for. I wonder if she may see something similar to what SEGA did with Matcha and Azuki, having a game utilizing vocaloid technology.

AMAZING. True demo of her talent. Maybe she was actually being used for obscure bandai namco game sound effects!

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