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Offend the Fandom in Four Words


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Aug 14, 2020
Miku is first vocaloid
edit: I was ninja'd. give me a minute to find a new one.:clara_ani_lili:
(I am surprised to hear people think Negitoro is problematic now. I thought it was one of the biggest pairings along with KaiMi?)

Vocaloid better then SynthV
A lot of people worship SynthV and call it the "Vocaloid killer", and say Vocaloid is dead because of SynthV, etc and compare Vocaloid to it a lot for no reason. A lot of people most likely know this, but I wanted to give context just in case.


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Sep 26, 2020
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(Lots of people try to put her in Miku’s role voice-wise, but she sounds a lot more natural in the deeper pitches.)

You’d be surprised! I recently left a rather toxic side of Vocatwit [Vocaloid Twitter] and I would see Negitoro slander almost every day ^^’ They would collectively worship Kaimei and Rinku, but cancel ships like Kaimi, Rinlen, Kailen, and Negitoro for being “””problematic”””, even though the people shipping it weren’t doing anything wrong. They would call you a pedo when you shipped Len with Kaito because Len was “child coded” and Kaito was “adult coded”, even though shippers would headcanon Kaito as 14-16 and he has no official age! Same thing with Negitoro - can’t tell you the amount of times people “cancelled” me for liking the ship because “there’s a canon age gap” that I don’t even preserve. Isn’t that crazy? I’m glad I’m off that site and here now, it’s a lot more welcoming of an environment. Those girlies don’t know what Vocaloid is all about and it shows.)
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