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SynthV SynthesizerV Musical Isotope KAFU


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Apr 13, 2018
HARU is only (at long last) coming out on November 13th after multiple delays, so I think we can expect the demo cycle to begin soon after that. I’m thinking they weren’t wanting KAFU to take the focus away from HARU’s demos especially after all the delays.

Personally not too worried about KAFU’s quality on SynthV especially after having heard POPY and ROSE who have also crossed over from Cevio AI. They’re probably trying not to overshadow HARU’s release for the most part


Jul 5, 2019
I don’t live in Japan, and I somehow wasn’t aware that there might be a delay between when I order through WorldShopping and when the order actually gets placed. Oops. :sad:

Edit: got an e-mail telling me that the order’s been placed, so quite a relief.
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AKA missy20201 (Elliot)
Apr 8, 2018
How anyone can pre-order a vocal synthesizer without ever having listened to it for a single second is beyond me.
Yeah. I mean I've backed crowdfunds without hearing how they will actually sound. Like, Solaria's STD bank demo and Oscar's UTAU banks and stuff. So I guess we can guess that she'll sound similar to her CeVIO. But I dunno, since this isn't a crowdfund I'm a little puzzled why they haven't put up a single demo


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Apr 13, 2018
I don’t think there’s much to worry about quality wise, but it’s an odd decision to leave the demos till this late 😅 I guess they consider the physicals as more of a collector’s thing since they’re made to order and the digital pre-orders are not up yet, but even then not having a sample to go with it is weird… badly timed pre-order period I’d say. Demo any day now I guess?


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Oct 13, 2023
Now I'm panicking that Kafu SynthV will become the Miku NT of CeVIO. o_o;;
Kafu sounds so much like Kaf that its hard to imagine what could be wrong with her?

Unless it's that she doesn't sound artificial enough... but even then, AHS "cute" vocal modes tend to make their banks sound vocaloid-y, so they could always make her default as something like that anyway.

Ryleigh Goldner

Yes, everyone seems to be asleep.
Demo at last!

(Credits to @LilyAnne (EDIT 3: I can't seem to find their VocaVerse profile. They are on Discord, though) for discovering the demo before me. I was originally going to post the demo here, but I was too late, it seems.)

Huh. SynthV KAFU sounds like a mix between KAF and CeVIO AI KAFU (unsurprisingly) to me. My only issue with CeVIO KAFU was that she sounded way too nasally and congested for my ears. SynthV KAFU at least resolves that. Although, if you're a fan of CeVIO KAFU's tone/timbre, this probably won't be for you.

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