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Jun 4, 2020
For anyone wondering:
  1. After some other introduction and a clip of "World Is Mine," the MC asks what the principal peculiarity is of the Japanese singer Hatsune Miku.
  2. The first guy guesses it's that she has green hair (Or something like that, I think. If anyone knows for sure what he actually said, I'm curious.). Which the MC says isn't the correct answer.
  3. The second guy says it's that she is a virtual person; she's not a person. The MC agrees: she's "a hologram. She doesn't exist. She's a virtual pop star who is really good. [This is the] correct answer."
It looks like he won a Mirai 2017 album.
Gotta give some context on why this is kinda big, "Saber Y Ganar" is currently the only TV contest in Spain that has been on TV since 1997 without any interruption, with over 6000 episodes since then.
There's mentions of this year's MIKUEXPO in Barcelona and asks for a quirk of her.

The first guy says that she's albino (specifically as in white hair) which is wrong, then the second one says that she's virtual/hologram. Then they always show some pictures so people can see what they were talking about (and they used a MIKUEXPO photo and Mirai 2017 album picture, they didn't win anything Miku-related)
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Apr 9, 2018
It says that 3,600 people participated in a poll to say which Miku songs they wanted to hear, so the very best of that list will be playing for the TV show. I don't know how to translate the title properly, but it's basically about what you are addicted to at the moment. The show is aimed at young people and has hosts. The guest that will also perform is Takanori Nishikawa, he is the singer for T.M.Revolution and abingdon boys school.

There are some clips of the show on NHK's YouTube channel, here are some clips of the show to give an idea of what to expect:
(Note that there is an annoying blob mascot that sings, his name is Nusshii, so I expect he will sing Vocaloid songs or something sometimes. He is a blob because he is a swamp/pond fairy, which is a play on the slang of the same word that means you are hooked on something.)

Edit: You have to click play, then it has an "error" message that says to click the link to watch it on the actual YouTube website (can't watch it on VocaVerse).

Thanks, I hate it.
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