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CeVIO Discussion Thread


Dareka tasukete!
Apr 8, 2018
???, New York
I guess it would malke sense not to use Chihiro Ishiguro’s voice likness if they were trying to keep the AI voice as a more realistic Yukari versus sounding like a realistic human singer.


v flower enthusiast
Jul 14, 2018
as much as i have been iffy on Cevio AI, i am glad to see more stuff about it on that big article. and for one- the program looks like it functions a lot more like i hoped, so im not as nervous about possible limiations (considering how limited some existing AI stuff is, it was hard to know). the demos there sound pretty nice- while i def think they've knocked out more of the 'egine noise' typical to cevio, its still...there. and Yukari's sample sounded not great too me in terms of that. i think the program will function well enough but im still unsure about the actual sounds of the voices...


I am Thou and Thou aren't Shit...
Oct 19, 2018
I'm really confused on Sasara cause on the DTM article, they mentioned Sasara was the only bank they could test while the rest are still in development (please note I do not speak Japanese and used a translator word for word, corrections are very much welcomed please.)
I recall reading that Sasara was not in their line-up for upcoming AI banks but here she is being the only one for testing. Will she still me commercially available or be like a full package deal with Cevio AI while the 3rd party voices are sold separately?


Resident Medium⁵ Fan
Apr 8, 2018
She was kinda stealth-announced, they didn't make a big deal of it since she's kind of a given, but we know she'll probably be available as she was before - either as a tie-in with the editor for a discount or as a stand alone vocal. I doubt she'll be free since she's so popular, but she'll probably go on sale often as is the CeVIO marketing strategy.

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